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10 Events Coming To London – Stupid and Made-up Around The World


London is one of the most modern cities around the world which means whenever there is something cool, awesome or even stupid is happening around the globe, London is surely a part of it. In this post, I’m going to predict about 10 events coming to London that are totally stupid and made-up around the world. There are already a lot of events happening in London each year that we don’t have enough room for more stupid events, at least in my opinion. I may be wrong about many predictions but what I know is that, at least 5 of these events will arrive in London by this year. I’m not sure about other events but surely, they will make their way to this city soon too. Let me stop talking here and introduce you to the most bizarre, stupid and made-up events coming to London.


Events Coming To London


Sushi Making Class with Bingo in the dark

This is one of those events coming to London that I hate the most. I don’t really understand that why would a sushi making class be converted into an event? If someone really likes to make sushi then they can take classes individually but why is there any need to make sushi in the dark with Bingo? Did I not mention that you are blindfolded the entire time and you are given an hour to make the sushi? The only interesting thing about this event is that, you get to do all this stuff under supervision of best sushi chefs from all over the world. If you can successfully make delicious sushi in just one hour being blindfolded, you will win the black belt itamae. There are a lot of people who like these kinds of events but I’m the one who hates them.

Pop-Up Lido Petting Zoo

We all love to see wild life and some of us event have the desire to go and live someplace where there are goats, sheep, dogs, cats, beavers, squirrels and pigs all around. If you fancy such a lifestyle then you can start living in one of the urban forms outside the London city. However, we humans love to transform everything into a competition. Who would have thought that living with wild life, making your own food, jumping in the water and doing other crazy stuff would be called Pop-Up lido Petting Zoo? Well, now it is called so and you have to live with it. If you are worried about getting some kind of infection from wild then don’t worry at all because according to organizers, there is no such problem and they can guarantee no such accident as well.

Street Food Foraging

Nobody likes to eat street food unless they are forced to by some friends or their financial situation. I have seen some people who prefer eating street food because they think that it tastes more delicious than the food served in fancy restaurants. Whatever you think about such food is your own business but there is an event in which Join Al, who is a seasoned urban forager with 18 months of experience, takes you to a journey in which you get the street food and forage it. You will find the food, refry it with different techniques to make it taste delicious and then eat it. Now, someone please tell me why would there is such an event in the world but hey, it already exists and it is also in the list of events coming to London.

Vintage Artisan Craft Beer Pong

All those out there who have attended a college or university know that beer pong is one of the most famous games that students love to play at night. In this game, you have to land a ping pong ball in your opponent’s drinks. The version of the game with which we are familiar is a modern version but in the old times this game was not played like this. The game originated somewhere around 1950 and at that time, people used to play this game on vintage tables with china beer glasses. The vintage artisan craft beer pong event focuses on the vintage side of this game and provides the participants with old beer tables and glasses that really take you back in old times. To compete in the event, you have to wear a cravat and eat waffles as well.

American Meat with Milkshakes, Coke and Stuff

There is a new bar in town called “Manger” and the special thing about them it is that; they only let 5 people at a time. This is basically a hackney road American style bar. These kinds of bars and the products they serve look pretty awesome and cool in movies but when you go through such things in real life, your taste changes. We don’t really prefer this event to arrive in London but it seems, we are late to make a wish as the event has already landed in “Manger” bar in London.

Naked Urban Tree Climbing?

We are living in a world where everything is normal. There is nothing that you can do and be considered as a creep or a crazy person. For example; there are nudists in the world who think that the best dress to wear is the dress give to you by nature (your body). It doesn’t matter how ugly you look, you should not hide anything from others. Many of you may have also watched the TV series called Naked Jungle that was aired in 2000. Now, I know that this series was not a big hit but it doesn’t mean that you will not at least look it up on the internet, out of curiosity. Well, getting back to the point, there is a new event in the world called Naked Urban Tree Climbing. This is a competition in which participants have to strip off their clothes and climb on trees in natural dress. This event is not yet present in London but is surely belongs to the list of events coming to London very soon.

Taxidermy Tastings

Now this is one of those events that are not only bizarre but gross as well. Why would someone want to pick up any creature from the road, cook it and then eat it? To your and our dismay, there are a lot of people in the world who love this kind of lifestyle and they really have no boundaries about what to eat and what not to eat. Even if they can find a cockroach in their kitchen, they will find a way to cook it and make it taste delicious (at least for them). This event is being hosted in many countries at the moment in which you pick up a creature from the road and then cook it under supervision of expert chefs. These chefs are not ordinary chefs because they know how to make almost everything taste delicious.

Vintage Geo-Cacheing

This is one of those events that the least bizarre and creepy for me and I believe that most of you will find the idea of Vintage Geo-Cacheing really interesting. In today’s modern world, we have got GPS technology and that too enabled in our phones. It simply means that if you want to find directions for some place, you don’t have to ask anyone because your phone will show you a complete map. Not only you will see the map on your phone but it will also tell you about your current location and direction as well. Now think about a game in which you have to find ways around in a jungle or a weird place but you don’t have mobile phone GPS access. All you have got is a vintage GPS device that was used in 1980’s. This will bring the thrill in the game and the team that completes all the tasks within given time will be announced as winner.

Ping Pong Karaoke Burger-and-Lobster 1920s Prohibition Speakeasy Basement Bar That Doesn’t Take Reservations

The longer the name of a game, the boring it will actually be. Same is the case with this another vintage ping pong game that involves burgers and lobsters. I just don’t really get it why would anyone want to have such an event in any part of the world. To be honest, the details of the event are so bizarre that I don’t even want to go into the details. The only thing that I want to add here is that, “Of all the events that make their way into London in coming time, I really wish, this one is not in the list”.

National Frozen Yoghurt Day (Fro Yo Day)

So it is quite clear that a lot of made up events are coming to London and definitely National Frozen Yoghurt Day is also one of them. I really don’t mind someone celebrating this event because what harm could froze yoghurt could possible cause to the society?

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