Eid Festival 2014 at Trafalgar Square


Eid Festival 2014 at Trafalgar Square is taking place in London within a couple of upcoming days. Eid is a festival for Muslims and they celebrate it every year. London has a lot of Muslims into it and that is the reason why it respects them and their religion and lets them celebrate their events their way.


Eid Festival 2014 at Trafalgar Square


Eid Festival 2014 is going to be full of entertainment and fun like it is every year when people from far away places get together not only to meet their families but also to have fun together and re-fresh bygone memories. This event has been taking place for hundred of years and for a couple of years in London ever since it was first started in London back in 2006.

There is a huge number of people that come here every year and it is expected that Eid Festival 2014 is going to be no exception as a lot of people have already decided that they are coming here.

Eid Festival 2014 At Trafalgar Square

What Is At Eid Festival 2014

The Eid Festival 2014 is going to have more things than most people think and it will be for people of all ages. There will be stalls to showcase different things from books to other important Islamic things. For those who cannot live without music, there will be music too on the event to spice up the entertainment.

There will also be food stalls to help you get almost all kinds of foods you want to have and many many other things. It is a must-go-to event for Muslims and honestly they all go there every single year.

How To get into Eid Festival 2014

Well, Eid Festival 2014 is going to be a free event like always and all Muslims are warmly welcomed to it. You don’t need to go through any buying or ticketing process to be able to reach at that place and be a part of this historic gathering. All you have to do is just get there and be a part of it.

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The good news is that since it is an event for Muslims, it is definitely family friendly because Islam tells us to keep all things that way. You can go by yourself or take your friends and family with you to enjoy the whole event.

What is Exact Location and Time of Eid Festival 2014

The exact location and starting and ending times of Eid Festival 2014 are given below.

Location of Eid Festival 2014: Trafalgar Square, Central London, Westminster, London WC2N 5DS

Phone Number To Get Details: 020 7983 4100

Exact Date: Saturday 2nd August 2014

Exact Timings: 1.30pm-6pm (According to London’s time)

In most cases these are all the things that you will need to know. However, if there is anything else you want to know you can visit the website or simply ask us and we will be a lot more than happy to help you out in this. We wish you a happy Eid and most importantly we wish you happy Eid Festival 2014.

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