How To Download UK Visa Application Form Guide

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United Kingdom is a big beautiful place and people from all over the world come here to see the beauty of nature. That is why so many people want to know “how to download UK visa application form” and today we decided to show you just how you can do it. Every time we talk about Visa and other such stuff about United Kingdom, we feel great about the official government website ( because it is always the most trusted and reliable source.

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How To Download UK Visa Application Form


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And it can help you in almost everything that you can think of regarding travel. Alright, now lets get back to our point and see how to “download UK visa application form”. We will not only tell you where and how to download but we would also show you how to fill out the form. So here we go without wasting any further time.

How To Download UK Visa Application Form

There is nothing really complicated about filling out the form because the form is created pretty plain and simple. Just as simple as it is to download the form. But still we would give you some basic and important tips to make sure you stay out of trouble.

  1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is download the application form. It can be downloaded here.  Open that page and click on Form “VAF1A: General visitor” in the document section and the form would be downloaded.
  2. Once you download the form, you need to get it printed. You can print the form yourself or simply put in into your USB device or mobile phone and take it to someone who has the printer facility and get the form printed.
  3. After printing the form, take a pen or ball point (make sure it works smoothly) and start filling your form.

How To Fill UK Visa Application Form

  1. While filling the form, pay special attention to the numbers. This is because missing even a single character can cause big disaster and waste a lot of your time leave the headache aside. Those numbers include your Cell Phone number and passport number etc.
  2. Don’t make the mistake of writing your postal address wrong if you want no delays in getting your Visa.
  3. If the name on Visa application and passport are a little different, you won’t get the job done. Hence, make sure you use the same name on the both places.
  4. The form would also ask about your income, your spouse, your mother and father and many other such things. Don’t hesitate and don’t worry because these all things are for your own benefit. They want it all just to make sure that both parties remain unharmed. Hence, provide all the details correctly.
  5. Once you finish the form, read it again at least twice and then also ask some friend or family member to read it for you and point out any mistakes.
  6. After that, submit the form to UK Embassy.

How To Fill UK Visa Application Form

We hope you enjoyed the post and learned exactly how to “download UK visa application form” and how to fill it. If there is any problem regarding this, comment below and ask.

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