DIY easy and awesome Dishcloth Embellish


Monochrome dishtowels with stamp technique have a new look. This time it will be in time for the holidays.

Check them out and try it at your home today.

The need for the tea towel:

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  • Foam rubber
  • double-sided tape (eg. as of tesa)
  • Acrylic block (for silicone stamp 15 x 10 cm, 6.99 €,
  • Fabric paint in orange and green
  • Tea towel or table runner
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • fine bristle brush
  • Iron

This is how it works:

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1 – Draw the carrot with pencil on foam rubber.

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02. Cut carrot.

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03. on the back of the sponge rubber double-sided adhesive glue.

04. Stick carrot on the acrylic block.

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05. Coat the rubber stamp with fabric paint.

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06. Press the stamp on fabric and remove. Repeat Depending on the desired number. Allow to dry and iron color for fixing according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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