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Was Diana’s death premeditated?

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People often ask a question, what is beauty? And the best answer to give is google a picture of Diana. Her face emulsifies with her personality to describe the word ‘beauty’ fully. Unfortunately, Diana did not live long and died on 31st August 1997 but her death is still a mystery. Was Diana’s death premeditated?

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Princess Diana


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Who was Diana?

The world got the most stunning lady on earth on 1st July 1961. Her name changed from Diana Spencer to Diana Frances. She got married with the Prince of Wales in 1981 and became a public figure. Diana was a philanthropist as she soon showed her dedication towards charity work and became president of many organizations. Moreover, she could have become queen consort; however, her divorce to Prince Charles on 28th August 1996 became a shock to people. This was not the end; everybody soon had to weep on her death. Diana left this mortal world on 31st August 1997.

Was Diana’s death premeditated?

Diana died in a car accident after coming back from Ritz hotel of Paris. She was accompanied by Dodi Fayed and her driver Henri Paul. Furthermore, the Mercedes Paul was driving collided with the pillar in Paris’s Pont de l’Alma tunnel. In the initial investigation the reason explained by French judiciary was that the driver lost his control as he drank alcohol excessively. Later in February of 1998 owner of Ritz Hotel Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that the accident was planned. After which many people started holding a question, was Diana’s death premeditated?

Again in 2004 the examination started and ended on 2008. The judiciary of London named it an unlawful killing. However, the questions stayed there. Everybody was keen to know if somebody wanted the charm of Diana to end, who was he or she?
Now once more the question is arising, was Diana’s death premeditated? After 13 years new sources are passing information and it suggests metropolitan has more to dig. The information which came in 1998 came from Mohamed Al-Fayed, who is the father of Dodi Fayed. At that particular time people were biased about the source of information because the family members mostly cannot endure the trauma and give such statements. However, the source this time is completely different and has nothing to do with the family. Also, Mohamed Al-Fayed said he is interested to know what results would appear after all the investigation.

The news now suggests that the member of the British military became a reason of Diana’s and Dodi’s murder. The Scotland yard is now doing their work again to find out whether the information given has any link to reality or not.

There are people who are convinced that the death was natural or a negligence of the driver. In addition, £ 12.5 million was an estimated cost of all the investigating during Diana’s death. Last time the examination took 3 months and 250 witnesses were heard.
Lastly, the case keeps on becoming a reason of attraction because Diana herself is not forgettable. Uncountable people watched her funeral and they cried as if their family member departed. The 36 year old Diana left this world for few but for others she is still a part of this world.

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