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Top & Best Design Schools 2019 in London, UK


Today art and design hold a strong position in the field of education. Although design education was not popular among the students just few years back, but today every college and university accommodate 100s of art students. London is quite familiar all over the world for its quality education institutions as we have explained in our list of top 10 universities in London. Today we are going to list some of the “best design schools in London”. In London there are almost 16000+ students who are learning design and among all these students about 80% are undergraduates. Design schools in London offer more than 400 courses in the design field. Now before stepping to the list, we will discuss why art and design education is valuable today.


1. Most important reason behind the education of design is that you can do freelancing means work from home. This is most beneficial thing about design education. Design students don’t need jobs because they can earn more than a job just by working from their own home. Design students can find work to do on freelancing job board websites like, and

2. Second thing about the importance of design education is that, most of the students go for engineering and medical type of field but less students choose design education as compared to number of medical, business and engineering students. That’s why design field of work is less competitive and less competitive means more chances of success.

So, these are the two points describing why education of arts and design is valuable.

List Of Best Design Schools in London

Design School # 1 : Best University of arts, London

University of arts, London is one of the best art and design institutions in the world. About 60% percent of the international art students in London study at London university of arts. Its a public university and specialized in art, design, fashion and media. Design School # : 1 University of arts, London


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Design School # 2 : Best Kingston University

Kingston University is also public sector university in London. Its not only providing design and art education but its also providing quality education in many fields of education. The main programs at Kingston university are arts and social science, civil engineering, survey and planning, computing and some other popular academics.

Design School # 2 : Kingston University

Design School # 3 :  Royal college of arts

This is art public art university in the London, which was founded in 1837 and than got university status in 1967. Its specializations are art and design. This university offer art education from graduation to Ph. D level.

Design School # 3 : Royal college of arts

Best Design School # 4 : Top Brunel University

Brunel University is another one of the best design schools in London. This university was founded in 1967 as an engineering college but now its providing quality educations in many fields.

Design School # 4 : Brunel University

Design School # 5 :  Middlesex University

Middlesex University is another public sector institution in London, which was founded in 1974. Main departments at Middlesex University are school of business, art and design, health and social sciences, media and performing arts.

middlesex university - best design schools in London

So, this is the list of some “best design schools in London”. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t miss this list of London classified websites.

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