Depzman Tops The iTunes HipHop Chart But After His Murder


Joshua Ribera publicly known as Depzman tops the iTunes HipHop chart after his death. Depzman is an English rapper and he was just 18 year old. He was not a very popular celebrity right now but after his death news his album tops the HipHop chart on iTunes, which is a media player application managed by Apple and also known for iTunes festival.

Depzman Tops The iTunes HipHop Chart But After His Murder

After Depzman’s death a number of Tributes ( both online and offline ) has been appeared for him and in those Tributes he has been described as the leading UK rapper.

Some days ago, Depzman was murdered when he was on a fund raising event. Police is still unable to find the murderer but according to Detective Inspector Gary Plant, Police is in very early stage of investigation and are appealing to anyone with any related information.

As mentioned earlier many Tributes has been appeared describing Depzman the leading rapper. Senior rapper in the music industry are also giving tribute to the young rapper. A facebook page was also set on the name of Depzman which has already got 40000 likes.

He was just getting popular in the music industry, but nothing can be done now, may his soul rest in peace.