How To Keep Your Cycle/ Bike Safe in London Tips

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To be honest, it is not an easy job to keep your Cycle/ Bike Safe in London because there are some many people moving around all the time. When you walk on the street, you see countless faces that you have never seen before and you see all kinds of different people.

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How To Keep Your Cycle/ Bike Safe in London Tips


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All this makes it almost impossible to figure out who the bad man is and who is watching you and your stuff and planning to steel it. London has great cops but they are not everywhere. There are countless places where you are all on your own and only your tricks can save you and help you to keep your Cycle/ Bike Safe in London. We are going to show you some of the best ways to keep your bike safe in London.

How To Keep Your Cycle/ Bike Safe in London

Tip # 1 : Never Leave Your Bike Unlocked

London is a place where you can get your stuff stolen in blink of an eye even though it has security cameras in every single street. Hence, there is no way in the world that you should leave your bike unlocked even for few seconds because it would be taken away and you would never even know in which direction it was taken.

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Tip # 1 : Use Extra Locks

Don’t just be on the lock that the bike comes with. Try to bring in your extra locks. The reason why we are saying this is because some people, the expert thieves, have learned how to unlock almost all kinds of bike locks. If you use extra lock, it would not only make your bike look as a tough target but it would also cause more trouble for them while trying to steel it because they would have to go through two different locks in a short time which is not a walk in the park.

Tip # 2 : Register Your Bike

There are different registration agencies working in London trying to decrease the amount of stolen vehicles hence getting your bike registered there can be a life saviour and you can keep your Cycle/ Bike Safe in London without having to worry about it all the times.

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Tip # 3 : Park in Public Places

The citizens of London are not dumb and they can easily recognize a thief. They know the difference between a Cycle/ Bike owner trying to unlock his own bike and thief trying to steal someone else’s property. Hence, parking your bike in Public places where people are either walking around constantly or are sitting for fun is a great way to use to them for your bike’s safety.

Tip # 4 : Don’t Stay Away For Long

If you are going on a meeting where you would need to stay away from your bike for couple of hours, try not to take your Cycle/ Bike there and instead use public transport. This is because any vehicle particularly Cycle/ Bike that stay untouched by owner for that long are very attractive to thieves.

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We tried our best to show you how to keep your “Cycle/ Bike Safe in London”. Now it is up to you to actually apply the things that we just said. Have a happy and safe journey.

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