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Completion of M1 junction construction in Summer 2015


Traffic jam is a very big and serious problem for people living in London and no one wants to get into this and reach late on their destination. The junction 10a of the M1 that is a big roundabout connecting the M1 spur to London Road and Airport Way and links Luton to the broader motorway network. But unfortunately this route faces a very dense and difficult traffic jam during the peak travelling hours in the day and especially during evening times when many people opt for this path to go back to home.


There is a strong need to improve this road in order to manage this big and unbearable amount of traffic and make this road as convenient for people as possible. Before the population of surrounding areas increases due to employment and housing growth, it is very important for the authority to make sufficient changes in it otherwise that would be very tough to handle a big amount of traffic.



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The construction work has already been started and expected to be completed by the next summer of 2015. The detail of current and future activities is as follows that would take place in few months:

Jan 2014: During this month, teams would work to complete site clearance and erect site offices by installing traffic management, establishing vehicle recovery services, working on earthworks and excavate drainage pongs.

Jan- March 2014: During this period, the authorities and construction teams would be able to complete all accommodation works in this road so that they can work further to complete the project.

Jan-June 2014: construction teams would complete service diversions till June 2014 on the site.

Feb-July 2014: During this period of time, teams would work to broad the M1 spur M1 to Stockwood Bridge, Stockwood Bridge to London road and northern slip roads.

Mar-June 2014: Till this month of 2014, construction of southern slip roads would be started.

Feb-Aug 2014: London Road under bridge would be widening to J10a till August 2014.

Jan-Oct 2014: Roads to Airport Way would be broadening till October 2014.

July-Dec 2014: The under bridge between London Road and northern section would be constructed till December 2014.

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