Common Wealth Games 2014, Its time for your ticket confirmation


 Common Wealth Games 2014, Its time for your ticket confirmation

After receiving millions of application to watch the biggest upcoming sports event in England now common wealth games 2014 organisers in Glasgow have started contacting applicants to inform them about their ticket status.

All applicants will be contacted via email or letter over the next few days. Event organisers received more than 2.3 million ticket requests during the allotted time frame of 4 weeks. On the other hand only 1 million tickets are available for the public but organizers have received record 2.3 million ticket requests.

Common wealth games 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland will feature 17 types of games from badminton to cycling. According to the event management track cycling is proved as most popular game of the event. It received 25 times more requests than the available number of tickets. In addition 100 metre race also received 0.1 million more requests than available number of tickets. Other popular games according to the number of ticket requests are diving, swimming, judo, mountain bike, gymnastics and shooting.

Common wealth games 2014 will be the largest multi sports event ever held in Scotland that’s why its receiving such a big response from Brits. Moreover people who have already applied for the tickets will be given first opportunity to buy tickets which will remain available at the end. In addition in late October event management will also place remaining tickets for general sale.