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List of Best Clothing Companies Based in London


London is not only popular as a capital of United Kingdom, but its also popular for its tourist attractions, beauty and some industries. Many Clothing companies based in London are popular all over the world for their quality and durable fashion products. One of the perfect examples of the fashion companies based in London is Ted Baker ( A well known fashion brand ). But there are many other companies in this list which we are going to discuss today. All of these companies manufacture different type of fashion products like glasses, jeans, jackets, shoes, bags, jewelry and other products, list starts now.


Best Clothing Companies Based in London


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Best Clothing Companies Based in London


Arckiv is a London based fashion house which is founded in the late 90s. Its main product was eyewear but now its popular for its menswear. Menswear design of the Arckiv is inspired by the Military and workwear. In the late 90s the company was started as an specialist of eyewear and become very popular because of its unique eyewear design. Now Arckiv’s main product is menswear and the eyewear division became a separate company in 2010.


company # 2 :  Chester Barrie

Chester Barrie are a semi bespoke gentlemen tailor located in London. This company was founded in 1935 by a tailor. But now its one of the most “popular tailoring house in the United Kingdom”. Company also provide ready to wear clothes as well as bespoke tailoring. If you want a perfectly tailored gentlemen suite in the London than you should contact Chester Barrie.

Chester Barrie - most popular tailoring house in the United Kingdom

company # 3 : Freed of London

Freed of London is one of the most popular “clothing companies based in London”. Freed of London is mainly popular for its pointe shoes and other dance shoes and apparels. This company was founded by a cobbler in 1929 who used to work with his wife and an assistant. In 1993 Freed of London owned subsidiary of Japanese apparel company onward Kashiyama.

Freed of London - clothing companies based in London

company # 4 : Ghost London | Buy Designer Clothes | Women’s Fashion

Ghost is also one of the clothing companies based in London. Ghost was founded in 1984 by Tyana Sarne. Ghost is mainly popular for its vintage clothing which is popular all over the England. Its also known as a heritage brand in United Kingdom.

Ghost - companies based in London

company # 5 : Wall London | Exclusive Ladies Clothes Online

Wall London is “women’s clothing and accessories brand based in London”. It was first built as an shop but than expanding to mail order in 1999 and than to E-commerce in 2000. Wall London is basically popular for its unique and beautifully designed ladies clothes and accessories. Its also popular for the use of natural fabrics in making of the clothes.

wall London - clothing companies based in London

So, this is the list of “clothing companies based in London”. All of these companies are one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. These companies manufacture products like shoes, clothes and bags. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t miss out this list of fashion stores in the London.

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