10 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas 2015


Halloween is just around the corner and we are giving our full attention to this upcoming event. Jaded makeup Halloween special will give you a scary so buy a ticket for yourself now. Moreover we have created a list of Halloween events in London. Today we are going to tell you about clever Halloween costume ideas, so that you can also make something special for Halloween. You can also tell us about your favourite costumes in comments below the post.

1. Face in the shirt

clever costume ideas - 1

2. Ghost Couple

clever halloween costume ideas - 2

3. Multi Face Halloween costume

clever halloween costume ideas - 3

4. French Kissclever costume ideas - 4

5. Chocolate King Halloween Costume

clever costume ideas - 5

6.  Lamp Leg

clever Halloween costume ideas  2015 london

7. Roller Coster On The Road

London  costume ideas

8. Grey lady ghostclever halloween costume ideas - 8

9. Ghostly Equestrienne Halloween costume

clever costume ideas - 9

10. Mummy Costume2015 halloween costume ideas in UK

So, this is a list of clever Halloween costume ideas. Moreover if your favourite costume is not listed in this list than feel free to tell us using the comment form below, we will add that in our list. If you are looking for more costume Ideas than you should check out pinterest’s pin boards. There you will be able to see hand picked photos of Halloween costumes Ideas.