11 Diy Easy Christmas Nail Art Tutorial 2018 UK


As we all know that Christmas is getting so closer so all the women have been looking for the lovely “Christmas nail art tutorial 2018” that is easy in application.

But now you don’t have to look around here and there because here we will going to explain with some of the stunning Christmas nail art tutorial.

11 DIY Easy Christmas Nail Art Tutorial

Best & Unique Christmas Nail Art Tutorial For Women 2018

  1. Simple Nail Art Basics:

If you have long length of nails then you can make the best choice of choosing with the set of press-on nails or invest in an at-home acrylics kit. You can make the use of the nail file to smooth out any roughness after they dry. If you already have long nails then you can just apply acrylic directly to your real nails. When your nails are ready to be decorated then you can easily brush on a clear base coat.

  1. Flowers Nail Art 2018:

For the decoration of the simple flowers you will need nail polish colors of your choice, a tooth pick or a very narrow paint brush. You have to dip your brush or toothpick into the nail polish color that you want for the petals of the flower. You even have to dab the brush gently to get any excess off, and make small circles evenly in a round pattern. Be sure that you put a dot right in the center of the petals. You can add one flower to each nail or draw them all over your nails.

  1. Linear Nail Art 2018:

In the embellishment of the narrow designing of the nail designs you will be using the pointed brush to draw lines across your nails so that it can create a professional-looking design. You can make just one line for a simple look or add a bunch of lines in a pattern. It would be classy if you will make a thin line of white as a guide if you are painting on your own french tips. You can also make lines as guides in support of different geometric patterns.

  1. Stickers And Gems Nail Art 2018:

For the last we have the gems and stickers use in the Christmas nail art tutorial! You can buy the decorative stickers and tiny rhinestones to apply to your nails to add even more detail. You can use a pair of tweezers to place very small gems. You can even make the use of a super glue or nail glue so they will stay in place. You can put them in a series to make a pattern and then add them along the lines of your french tips. You can just place one or two in the corners.

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11 DIY Easy Christmas Nail Art Tutorial 2018


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If you want to make your this Christmas special and full of fashion then don’t forget to choose the above mentioned classy and superb Christmas nail art tutorial! All of them will going to make you fall in love with your nails!