14 Best Christmas Markets 2020 in London, UK, Date, Location

Start from 22nd November 2020 to 6th January 2021.

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Do you love the Christmas market? Who doesn’t? The main attraction and activity of Christmas 2020 in London, the UK is to be in the popular markets of London where you can enjoy the spirit of Christmas 2020. The markets all over London have been decorated in winter holidays to make the Christmas of people more fun and give them a place to enjoy with friends and family.

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These markets are not just a place to shop items related to Christmas but there is much to do.

For example, you can enjoy food, live music, meet people and have a great time with the family. Some markets are free while other charge entry fees.

We bring this place to help to know which “Christmas markets 2020 in London” you should visit to make your winter holidays more fun.

There are big and small Christmas markets who have been arranged by organizers everywhere.

You can’t be at every market due to lack of time while some markets are not worth to visit. With this article, you will know that which “Christmas London markets 2020” you should visit.

Christmas 2020 in London, UK:

Christmas 2020 in London is much different from many other big cities in the world due to Christmas markets 2020 in London. These markets welcome every age of people. Even if you don’t want to spend any money on shopping, these markets are still a good place to spend hours with family and enjoy the beautiful decoration.

You can enjoy the traditional Christmas food, attend a live music concert or even sing with other people around you. Some of these markets are in demand by the visitors because of the huge discount on Christmas products, branded products, and decorations. This makes these markets full of people throughout the holiday season.

Other than family visitors, some couple prefers these markets to make their date romantic by sitting and eating dinner under the decoration of the Xmas.

In short, you will found all types of people in these markets. Whether you are living in London or visit this beautiful city for tourism purposes, you should not miss visiting these markets.

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park – Best Christmas Market London

Let’s start the list of best Christmas markets in London with the most popular market or you can say a place which is called Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. It is a Wonderland but when it’s come to Christmas, there is no better place to see the decoration of Xmas. It was first opened in 2006. Since then, this comes one of the largest places for people to visit during the holidays. It has many things to do including the UK’s largest ice staking rink, enjoys magical ice kingdom and the giant Ferris Wheel, etc. You will see the food stalls everywhere including a verity of drinks.

There is no fee to enter in Winter Wonderland. It’s all free for everyone. So, if you only want to explore the beautiful decoration of Christmas then you can be here and spend quality time free. For most of the attractions, you have to pay. If you don’t want to be in the crowd then visit this place during weekdays and specifically during the daytime.

Opening time: Every day 10 am-10 pm from November 18 – January 2 (except Christmas day)

Nearest Tube: Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, or Green Park


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London Bridge City –  2020 Christmas London Markets  UK

What a magnificent place to visit. This will be your reaction when you visit London Bridge City, Christmas Market. This place is more ideal for couples who are looking for a perfect spot for a memorable date. While this market has so much to offer including the view of Tower Bridge which has been lighted very beautifully during holidays but its romantic collection of movies is one of the reasons which attracts couples here. To watch the best movies here, you need to be in this market on Tuesday.

While you can go there anytime (daytime or night) but my suggestion is to be there after the sunset to enjoy the beautiful view of the London Bridge. Especially, for tourists, this place should not be missed during the holidays.

Opening times: Every day 10 am-8 pm from November 30 – January 3

Nearest Tube: London Bridge

Tate Modern – Christmas 2020 London Markets UK

If you are not a person who likes to visit markets with the crowd then you need to be in Tale Modern market. While it says modern but this is a traditional Christmas market which is inspired by the German holiday market. The lights are not very bright here which makes this place very romantic and calm. You will find the wooden chalets over there which are modern with lights. The music which plays in this market is also very soothing.

The Christmas Market at Tate Modern is famous for its Christmas treats like roasted nuts, mulled wine, crepes, bratwurst, and cider, etc. This is also a great place to buy handmade and homemade Christmas items like crafts and jewellery etc. There may be not much verity available but if you are looking for the unique one then this is the place where you should be during the holidays.

Opening times: 11am-8pm from Monday-Thursday; 11am-10pm on Fridays; 10am-10pm on Saturdays; and 10am-8pm on Sundays

Nearest Tube: London Bridge

Southbank Centre – London Christmas Markets 2020 UK

If you have been at Tate Modern, then you should not miss taking a long walk toward Southbank Centre Christmas Market. You will enjoy the view and the walk because the whole area is decorated with lights. This market is much more like Tate Modem except it is a place that attracts families most. It is a great place to do shopping from the biggest collection of handmade crafts, enjoy German snacks and warm beverages. You will find their many carols singing to entertain the visitors. For kids, there are many options for rides too.

The best thing about this market is its duration. While other markets get closed at the beginning of January, this market opened till the end of the month. So, you can enjoy there the true spirit of holidays.

This market is a bit cold as compared to others because of the bank of the river but at the same time, this makes it unique from other Christmas markets. You can sit there and enjoy the beautiful and very calming view of the river and city.

Opening times: Every day 10 am-11 pm from November 11 – January 25

Nearest Tube: Waterloo

Leicester Square  – Best London Christmas Markets for 2020

The market is located next to Leicester Square. Relatively, it is a new market as compare to the others which opened in London city. There is no entry fee to enter the market but its most demanding activities like Santa’s Grotto and theatre required you to purchase tickets in advance. Why in advance? Because this market is located in the extremely central location of the city and it is possible that you won’t get the tickets on arrival. This market opened till late night, so enjoy your walk and decoration of Christmas hereafter the late-night shows of the theatre.

The stalls of food and shops of gifts are everywhere. The main theme of this market is inspired by the basic colours of Christmas which make everyone love their decoration. Most of the shops there have shuttered. So, if the weather goes bad, you still can enjoy there.

Due to its activities, music and romantic lighting, this is a good place for couples to be here to enjoy their date. People who love to watch live performance also visit here in the night to enjoy performing live.

Opening times: Weekdays from 12 pm-10 pm and weekends from 10 am-10 pm. Runs from November 11 to January 8.

Nearest Tube: Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus

Christmas 2020 in Belgravia

Belgravia is one of the famous areas of London city. It is also favourite by the tourists because of food options, live music, mulled wine and Christmas carols. There are more than60 boutique stalls there and everyone has different items to buy. You will found there both, traditional and branded gift items to buy for your loved ones.

This market is located on Elizabeth Street and Eccleston Yards. Reaching there should not be a difficult task for you as there are many transport options available including private taxi and public transports.

The Belgravia market is a perfect place for the families for shopping and grand in the last minutes’ gifts. From decoration point of this may not be an ideal place to visit and enjoy Christmas decoration but from activities point of view, this place should not be missed. Especially, if you are looking for food options in one place.

Greenwich – Best Christmas Markets in London 2020 UK

This market is located away from the city centre but it is worth to visit Greenwich Christmas Market because of its Christmas decoration. The whole area of the market has been decorated with very beautiful Christmas lights where shops are also decoration. As it is located away from the city centre, you will found less crowd here which is a plus point to enjoy and explore this place in detail.

You will see more than 100 wooden chalets there who are selling a variety of holiday snacks and food. If you want to enjoy the street food in the area, then there is no better place than Greenwich Christmas Market. The bad thing about this market is its timing. Due to distance, it gets closed early in the evening but you can still enjoy the decoration. This market stays open till the Costumes eve. So, you need to plan your visit as early as possible.

Opening times: Everyday from 10am-5:30pm

Nearest Rail: Greenwich

Christmas By The River at London Bridge City UK

The other markets on our list are permanent markets which turned to be in colour of Christmas during the holidays but the area around River at the London Bridge City turned into a market temporary. This temporary market does not only allow you to enjoy Christmas but also allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the famous Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Instead of general items, this market is famous for traditional and handmade crafts.

This place is also ideal for the tourists to enjoy the delicious snacks and other local foods other than just buying handmade crafts for Christmas. There are enough places to sit and enjoy the evening coffee while enjoying the view of the city.

The most of the events and decorations of this market took place near Christmas Eve. This market is also ideal to reach other nearby places and Christmas markets. So being here means you have access to many other attractions of Christmas 2020 in London.

Winterville Clapham Common – Best Christmas Markets UK

This is not just a market but a full Christmas package to enjoy your holidays with your family. You don’t need to be here just for once but many times to entertain your family, east tasty food and enjoy rides. You can skate at the roller disco and different rides of your choice. There is no age restriction to enjoy while you are in this market.

The market also plays Christmas films throughout the season. The cinema of this place is the main attraction for the visitors.

Other than above, this place does arrange many craft fair and have an indoor market which is full of handmade crafts and gift items. You can also purchase the artisanal presents from the local designs from this market.

Kingston  – London Christmas Markets 2020 UK

Nothing can beat a traditional Christmas market to enjoy holidays with its full spirit. Kingston market is one of them with the aim to provide an entertaining place to the visitors. The market gets opened early in November and stays open till January. There are much to celebrate there with friend and family.

In the Kingston market, you can enjoy the verity of food, beautiful Christmas decorations and many options for shopping. Most of the shops there packed with handmade crafts and hands including stocking fillers. While everything in this market is enough to give to its visitors but our most favourite is street food. This market is also one of the most visited places of tourists because of shopping and food options.

The Cheesegrater Christmas Market

If you are looking for indoor Christmas market options then you need to here in the Leadenhall Building which is one of the most distinctive buildings of the city. From decoration to shops, you will found everything in uniform, thus it is a great place to experience something new this Christmas.

This market gets full of people during the holiday season because of many entertainment options. You can enjoy different foods including the famous oysters and Champagne of this area and enjoy music like Jazz. The local singers perform their life and turn the environment full of fun and romantic sometimes with their music. People of all ages will love to be this place because of the unique experience which Cheesegrater Christmas Market is offering to the visitors.

Hyper Japan Winter Market – Best of London’s Christmas Markets

The Japanese market of Christmas 2020 in London has a unique experience to offer its visitors. If you are looking for something completely different from the traditional and modern Christmas market 2020 then be at Hyper Japan Winter Market. This market is based on the Japanese style of Market where you can enjoy and live the culture of Japan during your celebration of Christmas. There are many items to buy not just for yourself but also for your loved one. You can also enjoy authentic Japanese food and buy their traditional gift items.

Country Living Christmas Fair 2020 London, UK

This is a very limited time Christmas Fair which is taking place this year in London. Do not expect much in terms of decoration but shopping. This event has been arranged by a popular magazine in London. You will able to see different types of stalls and shops there which are not very common in the Christmas markets. The main motive of this fair is to promote the brands, designer’s products, and regional food. You will also enjoy the hands-on workshops, secrets talks of the designers, markers and popular persons of the city.

There will be a crating studio too where anyone can decorate and print Christmas cards of their own. Make sure to be in this place as early as possible as it will stay for a limited time only.

Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair 2020

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and outing in this Garden Christmas Fair. This fair is arranged on more than 4 acres of the land which has been established early in 1673. There are many medicinal plants are growing. The good thing, you can buy some of them. The organizers every year presents more than 100 stands for unique presents.

It is a daytime Christmas Fair. You won’t see decoration with lights but only with natural items like flowers and trees etc.

Let us know which Christmas Market of London you are going to be or which event-related to Xmas you are attending from our suggested list. If you know a better place to then do not forget to share details with us so we can tell about it to the rest of the people to make their winter holidays more fun.

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