Chocolate Week 2013 London


Are you a chocolate lover? If yes, then keep your nose vigorous because it’s time to Chocolate Week 2013 London!


There are people who do not take chocolate only as food. They are in love with chocolate and adore the smell of chocolate more than any perfume in this world. One fact you should know about chocolate is that its smell increases theta brain waves and undoubtedly, relaxes people.


Also, dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and helps cardiovascular system by widening arteries. So, why not to enjoy by eating chocolates? It’s time to Chocolate Week 2013 London! Are you still thinking which chocolate you would be able to eat and what is the event about?

The event is exceptional in its sense because a movie from 2000 would be screened. However, the chocolate culture would be revised. Some years ago, people were in a habit to call their neighbors to watch films together on an old projector.

Moreover, the film which is being screened is 2000’s hit chocolate. Briefly, it is a chocolate week; however, you would be able to watch the film in cinema. Moreover, you would be able to taste five of the chocolates from the film you would be watching.

This time around Bea’s would be collaborating with Valrhona. Bea’s of Bloomsbury has done many such events but this time the excitement is not only about the film but about the brand “Valrhona” Don’t miss your chance as it’s time to Chocolate Week 2013 London!

Furthermore, you would have a chance to buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Valrhona’s store would be there for you to buy delicious chocolates on the way back home.

Chocolate Week 2013 London date

The event dates are October 17th 2013 – October 19th 2013.

Chocolate Week 2013 London Time

These are the timings you shall make note of 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm.

Chocolate Week 2013 London Ticket

The tickers are of £15 only which includes entry and food.


Maltby Street Market
Arch 76, Druid Street


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