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Chinatown London Reviews From Actual People


If you haven’t “visited Chinatown London” so far then you have definitely missed something really big in life. In this post, we are going to tell you about how other people feel about “Chinatown London”. The reviews that you are going to read below are from actual people who visited the “Chinatown London” and then shared their thoughts with us.


Chinatown London


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Chinatown London Was No. 1 On My List

One tourist said that when he visited London, the first thing that he wanted to see was Chinatown. He explains that he was really busy in London but he was really excited to visit the place as well. You can go there, eat “Chinese food“, interact with different people and have a lot of fun.


Restaurants Are Really Great

Not all the tourists come to Chinatown for shopping or just sightseeing but there is a huge number of tourists who come here to enjoy the delicious food of “Chinese restaurants“. According to one tourist, if you really want to enjoy the food then you should opt for normal restaurant because all that glitters is not gold.

Beware While Eating in Chinatown London

Some tourists have a great time visiting Chinatown because they enjoy the food here but at the same time, some tourists eat food from a restaurant that is not that good. According to one tourist, the food in Chinatown is good but you have to find the right place or you won’t really like the taste and quality of food there.

The Love for Chinatown London

One tourist was so excited about “Chinatown London” that he said, “I love this place”. According to that tourist, this place has a vibrant touch. Not only there are some great shops from where you can buy stuff but there are some great restaurants too from where you can eat delicious food as well.

Chinatown London is a Little Piece of Everything

It seems like Mr. Andrew was really excited about Chinatown London. When we asked him about his experience there, he was of the view that this place is a little piece of everything. You can find all kind of people working in this place, you can find all kind of food (especially the Chinese food), you can find almost any kind of product that you want to purchase as well.

Beware of Cheaters While Exchanging Money

You should be very careful when you are exchanging money from an “exchange shop in Chinatown“. Most of the shops put up high rates on boards outside the shop but when you go in, they offer you cheap exchange rates. This is an unethical practice and we found it really disturbing that they were lying to their customers in the first place. We had to exchange our money and it was urgent otherwise, I would have never opted for their service.

It has London’s History

It must be said that Chinatown is an integral part of “London’s history“. This place has got so much history that you can write a series of book about it. However, if you are visiting this place for the first time, it is advised to keep yourself safe, pay attention to your surroundings and beware of pick pockets as well.

Chinatown London Photos

Chinatown London Photos

By Jason, London / Photo Credit: chinatownlondon

Chinatown London Photos

By Steve, London  / Photo Credit: chinatownlondon

Chinatown London Photos

By e.g. Domini, London /  Photo Credit: chinatownlondon

Chinatown London Photos

Photo Credit: chinatownlondon

Chinatown London Photos

Photo Credit: chinatownlondon

Chinatown London Address

27 Gerrard St, London W1D 6JN

Phone: 020 7437 3186

Chinatown London Map

Chinatown London Map

Chinatown London Website

Chinatown London Website

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