How to check UK driving License Points Online

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Everybody want to know what they can or can’t do because no one is interested in getting embarrassed on purpose. Hence, you may want to “check uk driving license points” to understand what kind of vehicles you can and can’t drive and also what other types of data about you and your vehicle has been saved by the authorities.

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How to check UK driving License Points


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Usually it is all written on your license but if it is not, you can easily check it online and that is exactly what we are going to show you today. Knowing which vehicles not only shows you all the things that you can do but it also saves you from the embarrassment that you have to face when you are arrested by police for driving some vehicle that your license doesn’t allow you to drive. That is what makes it important to check uk driving license points.

How To Check UK License Points via Gov.UK

Below are few things you’ll need to use website to view your records.

  1. The post code on driving license
  2. National Insurance Number
  3. Driving License Number

Alright. So what now? Do you have all these things ready? If they are then you can start to check uk driving license points. However, if you are missing some documents, you should go and collect them first because there is no highway track or shortcut that can do this for you without having all the documents mentioned above. So be careful about them.

  1. Go see this link.
  2. Once on that page, click on green button that say ‘view now’.
  3. On third page, enter “driving license number“, your insurance number and post code. You will also need to check the box below them and agree to the terms of service.
  4. Click ‘View Record’ after filling all the info above and you’ll have everything in front of you within moments.

check uk driving license points

How To Check check UK driving License Points via DVLA

You’ll need two things for using DVLA website to see the records.

  • A photocard license that applied for online
  • A Government Gateway account
  1. Go this link.
  2. First of all add Government Gateway Id.
  3. After that, type your password and login.
  4. Once you login, things would be really clear after that and most likely you won’t need us telling you how to view records.

Check check UK driving License Points via DVLA

How To check UK driving License Points Using Post Method

Yes, it is possible to find out the information that DVLA holds about you and your vehicle by requesting them using post. For that, take a pen and paper and write the following things clearly on top of paper.

  1. Full name
  2. Full Address
  3. Driving License Number

Make sure that you also send a cheque of 5 £ that is payable to DVLA, Swansea. And then send all of that to the following address.

Driver Licence Validation Service
SA99 1AJ

See, you can check UK driving License Points with ease and using more than one method. You can use any of them to find out the data they have about you. Best of luck and keep visiting our website for more.

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