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Top 8 Cheap Waxing Salons London 2019


Waxing is something that can be done at home but if you are not feeling like going through the trouble yourself, you can go to many “cheap waxing salons London” as well. There are a lot of “waxing salons in London” city but not all these salons are cheap. You will have to find your way around and locate the real cheap waxing salons London.


We will be telling you about some of the best waxing salons in London that will do a perfect job for you and won’t cost much as well.

Top 8 Cheap Waxing Salons London

Top 8 Cheap Waxing Salons London


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Cheap Waxing Salons London #1 : Ministry of Waxing

This is the perfect place for anyone who would like to get waxed perfectly in an affordable price. The best thing about this chain is that, they specialize in only one thing and that is waxing. Not only they will wax your entire body but they will take a better care of it by applying different skin care products too. The other salons that we will be discussing below are a little cheaper than this one but since Ministry of Waxing offers such exclusive and mind blowing services, we have to keep them at number one position.

17 South Molton Street London W1K 5QT United Kingdom

Map / Website

Ministry of Waxing Cheap Waxing Salons London

Cheap Waxing Salons London #2 : Strip Wax Bar

This is one of those places in London where not only you can go for waxing but for lingerie shopping as well. This place is part waxing salon and part lingerie shop. They have got four different branches in London city and the best thing about all these branches is that, they have got special themes. You will be given a warm welcome once you enter the salon and after that, you will be guided about the process. The pricing is very economical so you will not have to worry about the cost while getting waxed. They have got other branches in Notting Hill, Change Shopping Center and Chelsea.

Address: 69 Berwick St, London W1F 8SZ
Phone: 020 7434 4222

Website / Map
Strip Wax Bar Cheap Waxing Salons London

Cheap Waxing Salons London #3 : Otylia Roberts

Are you looking for Brazilian Bikini Wax services? Well Otylia Roberts is the person you should consult with. The best thing about her method is that, it is very quick and free of fuss. Once you will be done with waxing, the skin on your limbs will feel completely fresh and smooth. You won’t able to help yourself trying to touch your skin and get its feeling. You can just go there, tell her about the occasion and she will make sure to wax your body in a way so that you look perfect on that special occasion.

Otylia Roberts  – 42-44 George St – W1U 7ES

T: 0207 486 5537


Otylia Roberts Cheap Waxing Salons London

Cheap Waxing Salons London #4 : Guinot Spa

Another amazing place to get waxing it Guinot Spa. This is a multi service franchise where not only you can get a massage but you can also get your boy waxed as well. If you want to take my suggestion, get a body massage first, relax your muscles, release all the frustration in your mind, go for a waxing session and then take a hot shower bath in their facility. You will come out as a new person and even your family members won’t be able to recognize you since you will be looking so changed. This is a place where you can make your dreams come true.

17 Albemarle Street – London W1S 4HP

Phone : 020 7491 9971

Website / Map

Guinot Spa Cheap Waxing Salons London

Cheap Waxing Salons London #5 : Cowshed

This one of those places in London city where you can go for self-pampering and also have a great time while enjoying food in the café area. The facility offers many different service features and the most prominent of all is their waxing services. You can just go there, tell them what kind of waxing you need done and you will be served. The experienced and well trained staff will make the waxing experience really pleasant for you. The best thing is; their pricing is pretty economical as compared to other waxing salons in the city.

Address: 31 Foubert’s Pl, London W1F 7QG

Phone: 020 7534 0870

Website / Map

Cowshed Cheap Waxing Salons London

Cheap Waxing Salons London #6 : Pamper Rooms

Are you feeling frustrated after a long working day? Did you had a long week in which you couldn’t find enough time to relax? Well, Pamper Rooms it the place where you can go and forget about all your worries. This is such a place where you will definitely forget if any problem actually exists in your world. The supportive waxing staff will not only take care of your waxing needs, but they are also available to hear about your side of story and make you feel special. Formerly, Pamper Rooms was named The Parlour but now the name has been changed. In very economical price, you can get your body waxed and feel pampered by the professionally trained staff.

Address: 24 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3NG

Phone: 020 7247 0064

Website / Map

Pamper Rooms Cheap Waxing Salons London

Cheap Waxing Salons London #7 : Aveda Institute

We have discussed about Aveda Institute in many of our previous posts as well and that is because they offer multi-dimensional services to their clients. If you need a haircut, you can go to them. If you are looking for a relaxing massage, Aveda Institute is the place where you should be and if you need some waxing done, Aveda Institute is definitely the best place for that. The best thing about their service is that, they will tell you about the products that they are going to use on your skin. They will tell you all about it, what its benefits are and what possible side effects that product can have on your skin. It is your decision whether you want to use that product or not. If you are not feeling comfortable with one of their products, you can simply tell them and they will come up with a better alternative.

Website / Map

 Aveda Institute Cheap Waxing Salons London

Cheap Waxing Salons London #8 : Urban Retreat

If there is one place in London where you can go and find a solution for all your lady problems then it is Urban Retreat. You will find more than 32 beauty salons here, 45 hair styling parlors and countless waxing salons. All you have to do is go there, you will be welcomed by a smiling face and then you will be inquired what kind of services you are looking for. Once you tell them, you need waxing done, they will set an appointment for you and before you know it, the waxing will be done and your skin will feel really smooth after that.

Website / Map

Urban Retreat Cheap Waxing Salons London

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