Cheap things to do in London in 2019

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There are many fun and exciting cheap things to do in London. Although London is truly one of the most developed and populous cities in the world, you can have a great time here with many budget things to do in London. In this short article I will try to give you some ideas and suggestions on some of the more affordable, but equally fulfilling activities available for you to enjoy in this great modern city.

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The stereotypical image of London is of a hustling and bustling metropolis, full of iconic buildings, skyscrapers, high rise apartments, huge shopping centers, and people and cars going about their day to day business.

London Eye
London Eye

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However there is a more serene and quainter side to London to enjoy if you want to get away for some peace and quiet. There are a number of inner city parks you can visit, as some of the cheap things to do in London, great for couples looking to enjoy a romantic walk amidst a backdrop of greenery and calm.

South of the River Thames is a park called Battersea Park, quite popular with locals having a jog, or families wanting to have a picnic. When the sun is shining and the weather is great, this can be one of the happier and cheap things to do in London.

Another one of the more affordable and cheap things to do in London is to visit the Covent Garden markets in Covent Garden. This is one of the best places to go to if you are on to lookout to buy nice jewelry, key rings, printed t-shirts, and accessories amongst an absolutely huge variety of other things to buy. The number of things available on sale here ensures that you will find something as a great gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend or loved one. Take a look around the place for some bargain things to do in London and buy.

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Best Things to Do in London in 2019

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