10 Best cheap Hotels in London City Centre

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There are more hotels in London than you can count easily. There is a hotel in almost every other street and they all claim to be the best yet cheapest in price that London has to offer. They all claim that their services are better than everything else. But we all know this is not true.

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best Hotels In London


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However, things like that make it really hard to decide a “hotels in London” that are actually good for all kind of people. Still we have managed to create a list of some of the “best hotels in London”. No, we didn’t go too down in pricing category because quality service is also necessary and it cannot be obtained without paying decent money. Today we are going to show you the best hotels in London for your stay.

10 Best cheap Hotels in London City Centre

Hotel # 1 : The Arch London

Complete Address: 50 Great Cumberland Pl, Marble Arch, London W1H 7FD
Hotel Class: 5 stars
No one likes rude staff in hotels and hotels in London that have rude staff are quickly buried because no one wants to visit them. However, Arch is a hotel that has earned a name and respect for itself basically because of its amazing and welcoming staff. Once you go there you will never forget them.

Hotels In London - The Arch Hotel

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Hotel # 2 : Hotel 41 Boutique Hotel London

Complete Address: 41 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0PS
Hotel Class: 5 stars
Once you enter Hotel 41, you might feel like you have arrived to a different world or you are king of the world where everyone thinks that the more they serve you the better it is for them. In a great location with good pricing and some of the best staffs in entire United Kingdom.

Hotels In London - Hotel 41

Hotel # 3 : Town Hall Hotel – Hotels in London

Complete Address: 8 Patriot Square | Bethnal Green, London E2 9NF
Hotel Class: 5 stars
Food lovers come to this hotel again and again because of their amazing dishes that are so tasty that people have no choice but to continue re-visiting them.

If you like to have good supper while being cared well then Town Hall Hotel is something you should try. They know exactly how to fill you bellies while making you feel more special than any other place.

Hotels In London - Town Hall Hotel

Hotel # 4 : The Savoy

Complete Address: The Strand, London WC2R 0EU
Hotel Class: 5 stars
Some people love to say bad things about The Savoy but not all of the, Hotels are a kind of place where some people get disappointed because of little things.

However, all over this a grand amazing place to stay and enjoy some good stuff. All hotels in London have their special features. The Savoy has polite staff and good entertainment. That entertainment includes dance shows, bars, broad collection of TV channels and some of the best bars in the world.

Hotels In London - The Savoy

Hotel # 5 : Rosewood London – Hotels in London

Complete Address: 252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN
Hotel Class: 5 star
When it comes to high class living style, Rosewood London is the place to go. This hotel is a great example of stunning architecture and presents a picture of Italian taste. If you love to live in a place full of decorations and beautiful things that can lighten your mood in blink of an eye than there might be nothing better that you can get in London.

Hotels In London - Rosewood Hotel

Hotel # 6 : Arosfa

Complete Address: 83 Gower Street | Bloomsbury, London WC1E
Hotel Class: 3 stars
For those of you who want a little less quality in things because they feel like other hotels are charging just way too much, Arosfa is going to be a great place to stay because you can enjoy the place while having no worries about the money you are going to pay.

Hotels In London - Arosfa

Hotel # 7 : Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge

Complete Address: 17 Sloane St, London SW1X 9NU
Hotel Class: 4 star
If you want to see some of the best city views while staying in some of hotels in London than go nowhere but this hotel because it has got some of the best views possible according to the people who have lived there. The hotel is mostly popular because of its amazing dishes and quality of them. In short words, what this hotel has for you is quality food and quality time.

Hotels In London - The Mellenneum Hotel

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Hotel # 8 : Hoxton Hotel

Complete Address: 81 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HU
Hotel Class: 4 stars
Hoxton Hotel makes the difference by simplicity. The have helped themselves in standing out of crowded market of hotels in London by making all things simple and easy for visitors and that’s why they love it so much. Plus it has really comfortable and air-conditioned rooms with nice beds and easy to work, think or rest condition.

Hotels In London - Hoxton Hotel

Hotel # 9 : Hilton London

Complete Address: 225 Edgware Rd, London W2 1JU
Hotel Class: 4 stars
A hotel that is strongly suggested to sports and most importantly entertainment lovers. This is because it has a big shop for sports lovers and decently sized swimming pole to help you spend your time and turn it into sweet memories. Almost all people who have previously visited this hotel want to go there again and again because they just cannot forget their experience there.

Hotels In London - Hilton Hotel

Hotel # 10 : Apex City of London

Complete Address: 1 Seething Ln, London EC3N 4AX
Hotel Class: 4 stars
Do you love eating different foods that are popular all over the world? Do you love British food and want a hotel that can serve that well? Then go no further because this hotel is your place to stay. With cheap prices, comfortable beds, good staff and amazing foods, Apex City of London is popular all around the world.

Hotels In London - Apex City of London Hotel

Some of these hotels in London might seem like something expensive but that is how they are. We tried our best to give you hotels with great service yet reasonable prices. If you have experienced any of these hotels or you know something about them that you would like to add right here in this article, you can do that simply by commenting below and we will consider your suggestion in earliest convenience.

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Also if there is anything else you would want to know about these hotels, kindly let us know or visit their official websites by click on their names above.

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