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How to Find Cheap Accommodation 2019 London, UK


London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. That’s why its not easier to live in London without high earning resources. But sometimes people have to visit London for work purpose or for study.


Specially its very difficult for the students to find “cheap accommodation London 2019, UK”. But its very necessary for them to find an affordable place to live because mostly students have limited sources.

Today we are going to tell you about how to find cheap accommodation 2019 in London, UK. If you are moving to London than this guide will surely help you.

1. Finding an accommodations via resources

If you have some family members in the London than you can also stay at their home. You can also become their paying guest if they don’t mind. But if you don’t want to live with your family member than you can also ask them to find an affordable place for you to live in London. Why you should ask your family member living in London for the help? Because they are living in London and they better know how to find cheap accommodation London.

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2. Calling a Broker

Its also a best way to find an affordable place to live in London. Call a property adviser or broker in London and tell him that you will be visiting London soon and for living purpose you want an affordable place. Don’t forget to tell broker about your budget and preferred location. Another thing which you should keep in mind while contacting a property adviser is that you should contact him at least a month before your departure to London.

call a broker

3. Browse Online Classified Websites

Internet is also a best source to collect information about any type of stuff. Same here for finding a cheap accommodation London. Just Google some keywords related to cheap accommodations in London and you will find a lot of deals. Classified websites like Gumtree and OLX are also best places to find affordable places. You can also find deals related to “room share in London” on these classified websites.


4. Read Local London Newspapers

Newspapers are also the best source to find affordable places to live in London. You should browse some national and specially local newspapers before going to London. You will see a lot of ads related to accommodations like “Rent a room, Paying guest required, cheap hotels” and other types of ads. So, its very important to have look on local and national newspapers.

list of London newspapers

5. Share Room with Others

If you are still unable to find an affordable place to live in London. Than you should share your room with someone. Usually most of the students live as a group on 3 or 4 in one room. This way they save a lot of money and use that for their study purposes.

list of London newspapers

So, this is the how to find a cheap accommodation London. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t miss out this list of clothing companies based in London.

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