How To Change Your Name and Address on Driving Licence

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Sometimes you really need to change your name and address on driving licence because of many reasons and many people continue using their old ones just because they think it would take too much time to change these small settings. Well, honestly, that is not the case.

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It is quite easy to “change your name and address on driving licence” and you can do it with very little efforts. Driving licence is extremely important because that not only shows that you are legally driving but also hints that you are good enough to handle a vehicle and also saves you from getting in trouble by Police officers because if you don’t have an accurate driving licence, they can put you in.

How To Change Your Name and Address on Driving Licence


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Hence, it is important to know and understand “how to change your name and address on driving licence in UK”. We are going show how you can get it done. Changing name and address are two different things and hence, need a little different processing. Here is how it goes.

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Change Your name and Address On Driving Licence


1 # how to change your name on driving licence

IF you are looking for a licence change for motorbike or car then fill out D1 form.
And If you need it for a bigger vehicle such as a bus, then use D2 form.


Before submitting the form, make sure that you include the important documents that actually show it that you have a new name now and you deserve to get a “new name on licence” too. You will also need to send your driving licence and a passport size photograph which should be very recent.

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Fill out the form carefully and when you are done doing that, you must know where to send the form. You need to send . But how? Well here it is.

If you want a change using D1 then use the following address.
SA99 1BN

And if you want a change using D2 then use this one.
SA99 1BR

The changes take a little bit of time and you should be able to get new licence within 3 Weeks.

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2 # How to Change the address on your driving licence

Requirements to change address on driving licence:

  • You need your driving licence
  • You must be allowed to drive or in other words you must never be disqualified from driving
  • Your living history of past 3 years
  • You must be a resident of United Kingdom
  • You need to have a valid passport
  • Document confirmation of your new address
  • A passport size photograph

This process is also very similar. You are going to need a D1 or D2 form (according to your need) and submit it to DVLA after filling it.

That is where you need to submit it.
SA99 1BN

This change is quicker than the one above and you can get your licence within 1 week.

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That is how easy it is to “change your name and address on driving licence”. So don’t be lazy in getting in done and live happy life. Keep coming back for more helpful stuff like this one.

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