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Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Argument Race Went to an End between Linda and Luisa

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The house of celebrity big brother 2014 is full of controversies and arguments from the day one and still there are so many scenes that fascinate its millions of viewers. Every contestant is up for picking an argument and to prove themselves the “Mr. Right”. Be it Dappy and Luisa, Ollie and Luisa or maybe Linda with Jim everyone is busy in making the show more interesting and a fighting arena.  There are so many short videos that have been uploaded to YouTube to witness how well or bad was a celebrity during the show as once they come out of the house, they start acting like an angel again. But the true face of every person can be seen during their stay in the house.

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The show has been designed on such a format where every celebrity, sooner or later, will show his real face and unveil those hidden truths that you may not know about your favorite celebrity. The same thing happened with both of our celebrity big brother 2014 stars Linda and Luisa. From the day one, they have been confessing so many weird and awkward truths about them and their personality that amazed few people and disappointed some of them. Both of the stars have already confessed so much about their personal liking and disliking and their routine activity in the house. These two stars have been seen in few serious arguments that, on one side, gave high ratings to the show and on the other hand make them feel bad about other contestants.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014


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Luisa and Dappy confliction:

Let’s talk about Luisa first that has a large list of arguments during the show and who knows what she will do in future. In early days of the show, first disturbing scene was captured by the camera between Luisa and Dappy when Dappy gave his opinion about women that upset, our bold lady, Luisa and she pushed him into argument and said that he shouldn’t say these kind of things about any women and the whole conversation remained there for a while but in the end no one lose their spirit and went away without the final conclusion of this conversation. However Dappy was giving just his opinion but Luisa was acting a bit more conservative here (and she’s wasn’t wrong)

Ollie and Luisa Confrontation:

The latest and most heated controversy that took place in the house, was between, again, Luisa and former Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke. People witnessed that what happened there and who was wrong but there again Luisa pushed the bars and went on saying him that he was confronting him for no reason. The matter didn’t stop here and later she discussed it with Linda. The co-member of The Nolan’s music band explained Luisa that he was just doing it for the good of Celebrity Big Brother but she was ready to accept her explanation for a while. However she apologized with Ollie for her weird behavior.

Linda and Jim Argues:

Linda, the former singer and actor of the very famous band The Nolan was found in a serious conversation that changed into a disappointing and a bit personal argument with none other than Mr. Jim Davidson and this time things really went wrong when he pushed her dead husband in the conversation. But the strange thing was that even after getting heart over his bitter remarks; Linda didn’t say him wrong directly after when Emma asked her about Jim on her eviction last Friday. Instead, she gave him a bit mysterious compliment by saying him “A great Stirrer”.

However, she is out from the house now and giving her prediction about next eviction night by nominating Ollie and Sam Faier.

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