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7 Best Castles Near London 2020 UK

Things to Do & See in London 2020 UK

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There are lots of outdoor and indoor entertainment places in London. But if you ask me about one of my favourite places of entertainment, the castle is on top of that list. Castle represents royalness and that is the reason everyone wants to go there.

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If you want to enjoy and taste the luxury of royal life, the castle is the best place to visit. And I guarantee you there is no better place in the world than the UK for this purpose. The castles near London represent the former royal residences and medieval ruins.

7 Best Castles Near London 2020 UK


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Here we will discuss the best castles near London. If you visit London, you don’t have to go too far in search of castles as they are in numbers over there. You will find some historic castles that were built in the 11th century.

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These historic castles represent the residences of Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Henry VIII, William the Conqueror, and Anne Boleyn. Some of these castles are repaired while others are rebuilt according to their old design.

7 Best Castles Near London 2020 UK

1. Severndroog Castle:

Located in Onleas Wood, Shooter’s Hill of Southeast London. This castle was designed by a famous architect Richard Jupp in 1784. This castle is famous for serving delicious hot food with ice cream, tea, and coffee.

The best thing about this castle is that is located in the middle of 8,000 years old tree. This castle has the city’s tallest building with 132 meters above the sea level. To reach there, you have to climb 87 steps to get a full view of the whole city.

For entering this castle, you have to pay very minimal charges of £3 for an adult and £2.5 for a child.

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2. The Dover Castle:

The largest castle of England located on Castle Hill Road was built in the 12th century by Henry II. This castle is around 90 minutes away from London. This historic castle has some famous tunnel built around it during World War II.

Lots of movies are filmed in this historic castle. It has an exciting collection of walls, moats, and buildings. There is no entry fee for this castle and you can book online or at the place.

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3. Warwick Castle:

Built near River Avon in the 12th century, the Warwick castle gives a pleasant view from outside. This historic castle has memories of some famous wars, some ancient mementoes, and other historic things.

This castle has a hotel for an overnight stay where you can now save up to 25% on booking. It also serves annual passes that cost only £35 per year. If you are buying a one day ticket you can save up to 30% at the price of £3 per person.

This castle hosts special events like Christmas and Easter. It also hosts wedding parties and has a separate restaurant that serves delicious food with drinks in the bar.

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4. Windsor Castle:

Here is one of the most popular castles near London – that is Windsor Castle. The best castle near London that represents a thousand-year-old British history. William the Conqueror built this castle in 1066 after the invasion of England. It is located in Windsor town which is located at a distance of 20 miles from London.

It is the world’s largest working castle that has a museum and the Royal residence. Queen Elizabeth II is currently using it as her official residence.

The entry fee of the Castle is high as it contains Royal residence. For an adult, the entry fee is £21.20, while for children under the age of 17 the fee is £13.50. You can book the tickets online or just give a phone call to the reception.

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5. Leeds Castle:

Located in Kent, the Leeds castle is around 40 miles away from London. Built-in the 13th century, it represents a 900-year-old history. It is situated around an area of 500 acres that contain some beautiful sights. It is located on a riverside.

This castle contains beautiful gardens with mix trees, hosting daily events and activities, arranging special tours and annual events and trips.

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The entry fee for an adult is £27, for senior citizens aged 65+ is £25, for children it is £18.50. Entry can also be made through freedom passes that range from £25 to £35. Entry for children under 4 is free.

6. Highclere Castle:

Built-in the 17th century, the Highclere Castle is located Highclere Park located outside London. It was rebuilt in the 19th century by famous architect Charles Barry in the Jacobethan style.

This castle contains some beautiful gardens, living and staterooms, and some Egyptian antiques. These antiques are from the era of Howard Crater when he discovered the tomb of King Tut.

You can buy entry tickets at minimal charges on normal days from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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7. Camber Castle:

Located in Sussex, the Camber castle is was built in the 16th century by Henry VIII. It is still unknown for many people as it is a bit far from London. It located around some beautiful green fields that give you a pleasant view where you would enjoy walking around.

Located in Rye, at a distance of around 80 miles from London which is sufficient distance from the capital. This is the main reason people have not visited there in large number.

The area around the castle contains a Tower, fort, memories of the 1642 Civil War and Elizabeth I’s mementoes.

If you are travelling outside London, Camber Castle is the best place for you to visit and enjoy your holidays.

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