How To buy a London Travel Card Online

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It is very easy to buy a London travel card online but what the hell is a travel card? Let’s see that first. London travel cards allow you to travel in London within travel zone by paying fee just once a day or a week. You don’t have to pay every train and bus that you get onto.

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Buy A London Travel Card


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You just pay once, get the ticket and than no one will ask you for the money until your travel card expires. This is really helpful both for Government and for the citizens. This is because it allows Government to make their country a much more peaceful place and citizen get to travel around without having to worry about money again and again and again.

Buying tickets for every bus or train that you take can be a real pain and not everybody in United Kingdom is patient enough to go through that. That is why travel cards can make life much easier and simpler.

Now that we understand what travel cards are and what they are supposed to do, lets figure out how to buy a London travel card online. It is simple to buy a London travel card because the card shops are at many places and even more simpler to buy a London travel card online because in this case you can buy one sitting from home.

How To Buy A London Travel Card Online

We are going to take you to this simple process and show you “how to buy a London travel card online”.

Facilities provided by London travel card

Travel cards provide you with numerous amazing facilities that you just can’t afford to miss.

  • Travel on buses
  • Travel on London Overground and National Rail Services
  • Travel on Train
  • Travel on Tube ( Underground)


No matter how many travel cards you may have bought, you are only allowed to travel within travelling zone and trying to travel out of travelling zone is simply asking for trouble.

  1. Open up your web browser and go to this page (
  2. There you can see many options and most important of them is the form that is showing the money, age and travel zones.
  3. Simply fill in that form with your accurate details because you wouldn’t want to be arrested for using a ticket that you have actually bought. Hence, make sure every single detail is correct.
  4. After filling all the details, click on ‘Add to basket’ button, site back and wait for your card to come.


This is how simple it is to “buy a travel card online”. We are hopeful that this guide was helpful for you. If you have any confusion that you would want to clear, simply comment below and we will be more than happy to help you out. If you liked the post, kindly share it with you fellow UK people, friends and closed ones to tell them about this simple yet amazing facility so they can also make their lives better by using technology. Keep visiting this blog for more content like this.

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