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How To Find Bus Times in London

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We are given a short life, not only to live, but also to pursue our dreams, help others and make this place better. All of these things are impossible if we don’t take actions and reach our destinations at the right time. Someone has rightly said “Time is money” and indeed it is. London is a big city and one of the most popular places in the world which makes it heavily crowded as well.

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And, so the chances of being lost or messed up with traffic gradually increase. Life in this city is so fast all the time and if you are late, you won’t get another shot to make things right. Hence, it is important to know when to get which bus from where so you are always there when you are supposed to be. We have compiled a little, but very helpful list for this exact purpose. Let’s check it out.

How To Find Bus Times In London


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Find Bus Times in London

1. For PC/Laptop:

If you are using a PC at home/school/office or you got a laptop with you, things are pretty easy for you. Considering the problems that visitors or even the people of city have to face regarding bus timings, Government has created a website just to guide people and help them catch the right buses at the right time. You can click here  to see it.

Transport for London - Bus Times in London

It is more than just a normal website because it not only provides you the routes and bus schedules, but it also provides the ability to plan your journey or simply search for a bus or a station. Can it get any simpler?

2. For iPhone:

App for iPhone - London Bus Live Countdown

The world has changed rapidly and is still changing and one of the big changes are smartphones. Almost everyone has smartphone these days and people rely on them too much. That’s why the saying “This is era of smartphones and dumb people” can be true because people like to make their smartphones work instead of their minds. Anyway, if you are iPhone user, you can download this app from iTunes calledLondon Bus Live Countdown. You can not only find bus times in London but it also has countdown facility that would inform you about the arrival of upcoming buses and their expected times.

3. For Android:

App for Android - Live London Bus Tracker

Android is not anywhere behind in this and has a very popular app called Live London Bus Tracker . This app is one of the most popular ones among all others available at Google Play Store. Well, there is a reason that more than 9500 people decided to rate it and it got a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Just like the app for iPhone, this app for android is a perfect way to use your smartphone and show how smart you are by never ever getting late for your meetings or classes.

We hope that these ways would make is much easier to “find bus times in London” and you won’t have to worry about missing one again. Just enjoy the city and focus on your life and the purpose why you are in London.

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