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A Bullshit London Tour – Are You Interested?


Don’t be offended by the name “Bullshit London Tour” because it is not an unintended game but and intended tour that will give you factually wrong information about things in London. A lot of tourists from all over the world come to this city to explore its beauty but all get to listen is praises and rhymes in favor of London city. The “Bullshit London Tour” is an organization that has just started working this year. You may be amazed that why would a city’s authority will let any such tourist company to operate? Well, the answer is pretty simple. We all like to have different flavors of food in our plate and Bullshit London Tour is the missing flavor.


Bullshit London Tour


While everyone keeps praising the city and its monuments, there must be someone who can look at it in humiliation way and this gap has been filled by bullshit London tour. The message portrayed by the group is pretty simple too, “London is an incredible city then why its tours be credible”? To get an idea about how they operated and what kind of factually wrong information they are providing to the tourists on purpose, we decided to join them for a couple of tours.

We were asked to join the tourist group at St Paul’s under some trepidation. In the beginning, we were skeptical that anyone would be there to welcome us but our tour guides, Rob and Reuben were waiting for us. We are not sure if these were their real names or not but who cares. It was really easy for us to spot both of them because they were wearing outrageous costumes and were also holding huge bullshit London tour placards. The tour is specifically designed for Londoners but their main focus is on other people who come from southern and northern part of the city. In the beginning, it was really difficult to find a way in between huge crowd but with the passage of time, it became quite clear that this is a part of tour plan because the company that is guiding us is called bullshit London tour.

At every place, Rob and Reuben will give their comments that were filled with lies and bullshit but since we were told in the beginning what this tour will entail, we had no issue at all. After all, we were doing all this for fun and the bullshit London tour was providing us with that in a good way. We gazed at people around us who were also a part of this tourist group and there were mixed impressions on their faces. Some were confused, some were really enjoying themselves but then there were some delicate souls who found bullshit London tour really offensive.

We had a lot of fun in those couple of hours and I’m sure that I will definitely be going on the bullshit London tour once more in coming weeks. If you are also planning to attend this tourist group then be advised that you should not take anything seriously because all the facts and figures presented by the guides are bullshit as per their tour group policies.

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