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Book and Poetry Events Happening in London From 25 to 31 July


London is basically a home for intellectuals and that is the main reason a lot of books and poetry events happening in London each week. Every new week brings some new and exciting events related to books and poetry. If you are into reading interesting books and increasing your knowledge then you should keep an eye on such events and attend them. Those who often feel poetic and want to keep reading soul refreshing poetry must attend the poetry events happening in London.


Just like any other week, many book and poetry events happening in the London and we are going to tell you all about them. The list of events starts from 25 July and ends at 31st July. What I’m going to do for you is to cover each event individually based on the occurring dates. In this post, you will find date in the subheading and below that, there will be description of all the book and poetry events happening in London on that day. Keep in mind that most of the events that we are going to cover are not just about launching of books but the authors and poets will be appearing in front of public to share their thoughts about the books and what inspired them to come ahead with such an idea. We are sure that you will love reading these books and especially, attending those books and poetry events happening in London.

Book and poetry events happening in London


Thursday 25 July

The very first event is about Michael Frayn’s talking about his time and career as a novelist and also as a playwright author at Bloomsbury Institute. The event starts at 6pm and entry fee is only £10. This is not an expensive bargain in my eyes, what do you think?

In another event happening at 7pm at Big Green Bookshop, Elizabeth Crawford is the chief speaker as she speaks about the violation of women rights in corporate industry and how situation can be improved. The entry to the event is totally free.

Ben Aarnoyitch who wrote the famous Peter Grant novel is going to be at Waterstones Covent Garden signing the copies of his best-selling novel for you people. Lather he will be at Waterstones Piccadilly chatting with Kobna Holdbrook-Smith who is famous for reading audio books. The event will start from 6.30pm and the ticket costs only £3. Keep in mind that the signing of novel copies is going to happen at 12.30pm.

At 1pm on the same day, Chris McCabe and Colin Fenn are going to take you to a tour of West Norwood Poets and that too free of cost. The venue is West Norwood Cemetry, make sure to turn up within time or you will miss the tour.

Another book and poetry event happening in London is about poet Horace and your guide will be Harry Eyres. Horace is considered as one of the best ancient poets in the history of Britain. The event starts at 7pm and the entrance fee is only £15.

Friday 26 July

The very first book and poetry event in London is organized by Come Ryhme With Me as they are celebrating their third birthday. The event is going to be arranged at Cottons Restaurant in Islington and there will be poetry for you along with delicious food. You must turn up by 7pm to be able to attend the event. The entrance fee without food is £7.5 and with food it is £12.5/ person.

Another event about poetry is happening at the Poetry Café and it is organized by Hylda Sims. This is the fourth consecutive poetry event of its type so you better not miss this one. The guests that will be appearing in front of public are Racker Donnelly and music will be from Simon Prager along with Alan Glen. The time of the event is 8pm and the entrance fee is only £7.

If you missed meeting ben Aaronvitch on last Friday then you have got another chance to catch him signing the copies of Broken Homes at Waterstones Leadnhall Market. The event will start from 12.30pm.

Saturday 27 July

A beautiful event about books and poetry is organized for you people out there at Society Club and the name of the event is Word Factory #13. You will get to see Sophie Hampton and Paul McVeigh as guests. The event starts at 6pm and the ticket is only for £10.

You all have heard about Christopher Reid and I’m damn sure about it. Well, you can have a chance to meet the star at Poetry East at 7.30pm and the entrance fee is only £8. The artist is famous for The Song of Lunch. If you haven’t heard that song, give it a listen and you will be obliged to attend the event.

Poetry Café is arranging another event in which Jacqui Saphra, Amy Key and Gale Burns will be the hosts. The name of the event is The Shuffle and the guests include Roisin Tierney, paul McGrane, Lucy Hamilton, Abigail Parry, Norbert Hirschhorn and Harry Mann. The event starts at 7.30pm and the entrance ticket is only £5. This is one of those events that you cannot afford to miss at any cost.

If you want to have tea and cakes with the editors of Long Poem magazine then you have got a chance to make it true by visiting Poetry Café between 2pm to 6pm. The good news is that, the event is totally free of cost. What do you need more when you can meet such awesome personalities without paying even a single penny?

Another beautiful event related to books and poetry is happening at Southbank Center on this weekend. You will get to see Jacob Sam-La, the poetry and music is presented by Apples and Snakes. This is basically a launching ceremony of a young music company. The event starts at 6.30pm and entrance is free. This is one of those chances that you should never miss in your life.

Sunday 28 July

Sunday isn’t usually a busy day in London and there are not a lot of books and poetry events happening in London on this day as well. Most of the people just want to get their heads off from the stuff that happened during the week and that is one of the many reasons why you would never find a lot of poetry events happening on this day. However, there is one event that is going to happen on Sunday this weekend as Feed & Read is running a book swap. There will be courgette cupcakes for your enjoyment. The event starts from 11pm and keeps on going until 5pm. You know what the best thing is about this event? It is totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay any money for the books you read, the poetry you enjoy and the food you eat.

Tuesday 30 July

We couldn’t find any books and poetry events happening in London on Monday so we decided to skip that day and give you a day off. However, on Tuesday, there is an event happening at Poetry Café which will definitely be very interesting as it offers a lot of variety. The host of the event is going to be Niall O’Sullivan and the name of the event is Poetry Unplugged. This is basically an open mic night which means, you can go on the stage and read your favorite poetry in front of public. You can even sing your favorite song as long as it contains beautiful lyrics that must rhyme with each other. The event starts at 7.30pm and the entrance fee is only £5. I’m sure that you will definitely enjoy this event as it allows you to speak your heart out.

Wednesday 31 July

The first event happening on Wednesday is called The Homework Team. There are a lot of people that you can get to meet on this event like Ross Sutherland, Joe Dunthorne, John Osborne, Luke Wright and Tim Clare. All these guests will be present at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club to share their experiences and the things that they had to do to complete their research work. I can say that this is going to be one of the most interesting nights in coming days because so many brains will be sharing their wisdom with you in a light mood. The event starts at 8pm and the entrance fee is £5. Very often in life, you get to attend such an event in which you can get a lot of information from so many top brains. So, take my word for this event and don’t you miss it because such chances don’t usually come back in life.

The second and the last event that is going to happen on Wednesday is a poetry event. This event is solely dedicated to poetry and I’m sure that you will get to learn a lot of good stuff in this event. The venue for the event is Poetry Café that is going to hold so many poetry events this week. The event starts at 7.30pm so you should reach there in time. There is no entrance fee for the event as it is free to attend.

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