Big Boss 7 First Week: British Born Hazel Keech Out Of The Show


British Born actress and model Hazel Keech was one of the 15 contestants of Big Boss 7. Which is the most popular Indian TV reality show.   The second week of the show is just started and more fun is waiting for all Big Boss lovers. At the last day of first week Hazel Keech was eliminated by Salman Khan on receiving fewest save votes.


Big Boss 7 First Week, British Born Hazel Keech Out Of The Show


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So, Hazel Keech is the first Big Boss 7 contestant who is eliminated from the show. Hazel Keech have worked in couple of Tamil and Hindi movies. She has done a supporting role in Bodyguard opposite Salman Khan, she was appeared in Tamil movie Billa in leading role and she has also worked as model in many ads.

Hazel Keech is also popular for her Item number “Aa Ante Amlapuram” in Maximum. “Aa Ante Amlapuram” is a Hindi version of a Tamil song with same Title which was appeared in Arya 2. She started her career in India during 2007, before that she was appeared as extra in many harry potter movies.

So, this was little bit about Hazel Keech. But the highlights of the Big Boss 7 first week are below

Day1. Warden woke up all of the contestants and described their roles.

Day2. Day started with a song, but house mates found no gas and water in the house.

Day3. Big Boss announced house mates have successfully completed the luxury budget task.

Day4. Hell and Heaven house mates were given an opportunity to send  one house mate from one side to the other.

Day5. Big Boss announced the captains for both sides.

Day6. No activity.

Day7. Hazel Keech eliminated on receiving fewer save votes.

So, these are the highlights of Big Boss 7 first week, Hazel Keech was the only contestant from London, England. All of the other contestants are native expect Elli Avram who is from Sweden.

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