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Best Vegetarian Restaurant London 2015/16

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The Amico Bio is an Italian restaurant for vegetarians. Not only in London, the number of vegetarians is high, but now the demand for tasty vegetarian options is quite large. What Amico Bio offers you can find here.


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Amico Bio – Green Thinking – Better Living


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Under this motto, the team of Pasquale Amico, chief of the restaurants, the guests’ unforgettable flavors served without meat. Pasquale Amico comes from originally from Italy, a fact that can be felt on the food at Amico Bio. Here is still cooked with passion and temperament. The chefs work with a lot of olives, tomatoes, pasta, mushrooms, and tofu and fresh vegetables. Ravioli with smoked cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomato and basil sauce filled – my favorite the “Ravioli con scamorza e Pomodori Secchi” are the way. In all dishes you miss meat.


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The restaurant is therefore suitable not only for the professed vegetarians, but also for all those who like to want something healthy, delicious and extraordinary food. In particular, I can also recommend the very tasty desserts, such as the poached peach served with “Pistaccio” ice – very good. Oh, and who is on good wine, which is also very well cared for at Amico Bio, classic Italian flat. Pricewise, the restaurant is very fair. A very good value for money in my opinion, the main dishes cost around 10 pounds.

Where can I find the Amico Bio?


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There are two restaurants in London. The one you can find in Holborn, the other in Barbican. The Amico Bio in Holborn is located in 43 New Oxford Street. It’s best to reach via Underground by you aussteigst at the station Holborn. From there it is only a maximum of 5 minutes’ walk to the restaurant.


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The restaurant in the Barbican is as the name suspects near the Underground station Barbican in 44 Cloth Fair. From here there is only a few minutes’ walk.

Opening times and reservations

The restaurant in Holborn is open daily, Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 23:00 clock, Sundays from 12:00 bis 21.30 clock. The restaurant in the Barbican is open Mon-Fri from 12:00 bis 15:00 clock and 17:00 to 22.30 clock, on Saturdays Then from 17:00 bis 22:30 clock and on Sundays the restaurant is closed.

You can reserve a table in the restaurant on the site of Amico Bio. At this point, however, I would like to present a different, very convenient way to book tables in restaurants. I’m doing this for some time now on the booking platform Quandoo . Here you will find a lot of restaurants where you can book at certain times one or more tables. It has a very good search function here and can filter according to his preferences, so that you can always find the right restaurant for them. You can give it a test times, also with the mobile app can do that well and simply.



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The Amico Bio is a very good vegetarian restaurant in London. The Italian flair combined with a nice, confident team, do visit the Amico Bio in a very pleasant and beautiful thing – drop by!

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