Best Shopping Centres in London That You Must Visit


There are a lot of shopping centres in London but only a few of them are worthy enough to go there and spend countless hours. In this blog post, we will be telling about some of the best shopping centres in London that will not only offer you best shopping facilities but you will be able to have a lot of fun as well.


Best Shopping Centres in London

Best Shopping Centres in London


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Shopping Centre # 1 : Boxpark Shoreditch London

At number one position, we have got Boxpark. This is one of the finest shopping centres in London. If you have not been to Boxpark then you have definitely missed something big in your life. While living in London, you have to visit Boxpark at least once in a month. We are not saying that you should go there for shopping every month. Many people visit Boxpark just because they are feeling bored and they want to bring some change in their life.

Boxpark Shoreditch London

photo credit : hoxtonradio

Shopping Centre # 2 : Brent Cross Shopping Centre London

It was 1976 when Brent Cross opened its gates for the first time so people could come here and buy their favourite stuff. It’s been more than 30+ years, the shopping centre is still thriving and they have got some big redevelopment plans as well. It is expected that in coming years, the shopping centre will expand a lot more and it will offer many other facilities to the customers as well. We are desperately waiting for such day to come.

Brent Cross Shopping Centre London

Photo Credit : kilburntimes

Shopping Centre # 3 :  Brunswick Shopping Centre London

This was conceived as an experimental retail and social housing complex back in 1960s. This shopping centre in London was neglected for good 20-30 years and nobody paid attention to it. However it was in 2006 when the Grade-II shopping centre in London got a facelift in the shape of a new architecture and design. The new architecture of the building was designed in partnership with the old designer and it now looks fabulous. People from all parts of London, come to Brunswick and enjoy some great time with their family.

Brunswick Shopping Centre London

Photo Credit : hilondonbloomsburyhotel

Shopping Centre # 4: Duke of York Square London

If you are looking for open air shopping centres in London but you haven’t found any then Duke of York Square is one such restaurant that you must visit. This is one of the most beautiful and elegantly build shopping centres in London. Once you will visit this shopping centre, you will forget about any other shopping mall/ plaza because Duke of York Square has got all those things for you that you need and that too in the same facility.

Duke of York Square London

Photo Credit : spottedbylocals

Shopping Centre # 5 :  Kingly Court London

The Carnaby Street in London was very famous in 1960 but with the passage of time, it lost its fame. However, Kingly Court is one of those shopping centres in London that have helped the Carnaby Street win its reputation back. People had almost stopped going in that direction but now that they have got Kingly Court in the same locality, they love visiting this place and have a lot of fun.

Kingly Court London

Photo Credit : yourlocalweb

So, above are five of the best shopping centres in London that you must visit. If you are touring the city for a few days, narrow down the list to two or three but if you are a resident of London city, keep waiting for more posts related to shopping centres in London.

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