Best London Theme Gifts 2018 – Unique British Themed Gifts ideas for your Loved one


Well, who does not love London? I bet at least once in your life you had the craze to settle in London in case you are already not the resident of London. It is not just you who is crazy about London but I am sure you have a large number of people in your circle who have the same sentiments about London.

Exchanging gifts is quite the oldest tradition. Whatever the occasion is people show their love by exchanging gifts. One of the hardest jobs is to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.


Best London Theme Gifts

Well, we have some ideas for you. If you or your loved ones are also the fans of London then we have a range of London Theme Gifts 2018 for you which you can give on any occasion.

1# James Sadler Sights of London Mug

This is a beautiful London themed mug which is available with the tin gift pack. This mug has the volume capacity of 284ml. James Sadler Sights of London Mug is completely microwaved safe and you can wash it with dishwasher without any worry. You can buy this mug here.

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2# London Underground Map Tea Towel

This one of the interesting gift that you can give to someone. Apparently, this is the most sold product as well. This towel has the London underground tube map and comes with the tags. This product is officially licensed which you can buy. Buy London Underground Map Tea Towel here.

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3# Ceramic Guardsman and Beefeater Salt and Pepper Set

The beautiful set of Beefeater Salt & Pepper set in the shape of Guardsman. It is ceramic set which comes in bright colours and 9 cm height. This is not very suitable for the dishwasher or microwave but make a beautiful London theme gift which you can buy only here.

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4# Ceramic London Salt and Pepper Set, Post and Telephone Box

This is another beautiful London Theme gift of Salt & Pepper Set in the shapes of the post office and telephone booth and it has 7.5cm height. You can buy this just in £7.95 and you can have free delivery anywhere in the UK.

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5# London Underground Small 3D Tube Train Plush Toy

If you are looking for a gift with multiple uses then this is the perfect product for you. It can be used as a toy, cushion or draught excluder. It comes with beautiful embroidered design and style. Size of 80cm and larger is available.

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6# Envirosax Bag

Another London themed gift is Envirosax Bag which is very strong and very applicable to shopping. The fabric of this bag is polyester and fully washable.

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7# Mini Sticky Memo Pad and Page Markers

This gift can be used in offices and schools equally. London themed sticky memo pad and page makers are very cute and very suitable for marking the pages of any book or magazine.

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8# Metal Photo / Picture Frame

This is one of the best gifts to give to your friends and family. This is a metal frame (Nickel effects) which has many London scenes on the frame. You can buy this beautifully made a photo frame.

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9# Telephone Booth Bottle Opener

Telephone booth shaped bottle Opener makes a beautiful Souvenir gift which you can give to your family or friends. You can buy the telephone booth bottle opener with the best quality.

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10# London Icons Carry Tote Bag

This is one of the most selling bags which you can use it as a gift. It has all the London icons on it printed and very good for carrying as well as shopping purposes. The price of this bag is very affordable.

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11# James Sadler Sights of London Crush Mug

A beautiful mug of multiple colours makes a pretty gift for your friends and family. This fine china piece is completely microwave and dishwasher safe. It has the capacity of 500ml. You can buy it here.

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12# Distressed Union Jack Spectacle Case

Another most sold product that you can use as a gift. This case is very durable and attractively made which can be used for various purposes. Buy this product.

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13# Ceramic Red Routemaster Bus Money Box

Another London theme gift that is equally beautiful for both children and adults. This box has Height 11cm, width 9cm, depth 6cm, slot 3.5cm. This money box comes with a decorative box which can be used as a gift packing. Buy this money box here.

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14# London Souvenir 3D Medium De Luxe Collage 

Another bestselling souvenir that is usually used as gifts. This souvenir has the collage of Snow Globe Detailing London Landmarks Big Ben, Tower Bridge etc.

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15# London Theme Mug and Coaster Set

If you want to give apractical gift to your family or friends then no gift is more practical than Mug and Coaster Set. We have a beautiful London Theme Mug and Coaster Set for you. You can buy this set here.

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16# James Sadler London Maps Cedar Mug

A fine china mug that has the London Maps printed on it makes a perfect gift for your family and friends who are afan of London. London Maps Cedar Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. You can buy this mug just £9.00. To buy this mug click here.

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17# Crystal London Big Ben Clock

A 24cm long gold plated clock with lights can be a beautiful gift to give someone. The different colours give amazing effectsto this clock,especially in dark. You can buy this gift for your family just in £11.98. Buy this clock here.

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18# Multi-Split Panel Canvas Artwork

If you are looking for a gift that is beautiful, luxurious and economical at the same time, then this is the right product for you. Multi-Split Panel Canvas Artwork is printed onto pure Canvas. You can buy this beautiful product with all necessary accessories.

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19# Wall Clock

London theme wall clock can also make a beautiful gift for your family and friends. Many London scenes are mounted on wooden plaque and include minute and second hand. This wall clock comes with a1-year guarantee. You can buy this Wall clock.

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20# Money Boxes

Moneybox in the shape of London’s telephone booth can be a beautiful gift for your family and friends. This Money Box made of Die Cast Metal is very attractive and durable.

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These are some of the best gift ideas which you can utilize on coming occasions. All “London theme gifts” are very practical and easy to use.  These gifts are not just pleasant looking but also has the best quality that ensures the long-lasting usability of gifts. These gifts can make your family and friends way closer than before. Do not wait up and order your gifts now.