10 Best London City Guide Books Reviews 2018 – Pick a Great Book to Read

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Here we are sharing the list of top 10 and best London city guide book. Firstly, we would like to mention that London is the favorite city for the tourists.

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Every year, thousands of tourists visit London for spending their vacations. Those people who visit London for the first time it is important that they should collect information about the main places, attractions of London. Internet is the best way of collecting information about London.

Apart from internet, there are so many guide books are available for London City. If any person is planning for his or her next London adventure then he should get some good “London guidebooks”.


Top 10 Best London City Guide Book reviews


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The main problem is that there are so many guidebooks are available in the market. Now the question is that which one is the best guide book?

10 Best London City Guide Books reviews 2018

In this post, we are sharing the list of top 10 and “best London city guide books”. The details of each London city guide book are given below.

City Guide Book # 10 : Peter Ackroyd London Biography

Peter Ackroyd London Biography is not a guide book but those people who wants to travel to London they should read this book. We would like to mention that Peter Ackroyd London Biography is the most interesting and informative written book on the London history. In this book, person will find the detailed history of London.


Peter Ackroyd London Biography London City Guide Book

City Guide Book # 9 : 24 Hours In London

If we talk about best London city guide book for tourists then we should mention 24 Hours In London. If any person wants to read best things to do in London then he should read this guide book. Apart from tourists, this guide book is also ideal and perfect for the newly married couples as well.


24 Hours In London City Guide Book

 Book # 8 : Rick Steve London – Best London City Guide Book

The most popular and best London city guide book is the Rick Steve London. It is considered to be best guide book for travelers to London. This guide book is written by Rick. Rick writes this guide book in a plain and easy style. Moreover, he also writes about main London attractions. We would like to mention that in this guide book, Rick also provides complete reviews of London hotels, as well. On the other hand, Rick Steve London has lack of pictures.


Rick Steve London City Guide Book

City Guide Book # 7 : Anglotopia 101 London Travel Tips

Lastly, we have Anglotopia 101 London Travel Tips as a guide book for London city. This guide book features so many great tips for those people who want to visit London for the first time. In this guide book, you will find best travel tips for beautiful London regarding its best places, shopping malls, restaurants etc.


Anglotopia 101 London Travel Tips

City Guide Book # 6 : Quiet London

Quiet London is also included in the list of best guide books for London City. We would like to mention that this guide book provides the information for best places in London. Moreover, in this guide book you will also find the complete information about the London cafes, bookstores, best places to meditate etc. In short, we can say that Quiet London is an ideal guide book for London city with lovely pictures.


Quiet London City Guide Book

Book # 5 : The London Companion – Best London City Guide Book

While making a list of best London City guide book, then how can we forget to mention the name of The London Companion. Basically, it is guide book but also a summary of thousands of interesting facts about beautiful London. This book will surely help a person while travelling to the city. Basically, this guide book features complete information about London people, sports, places, shopping malls and much more.

The London Companion City Guide Book

City Guide Book # 4 : Lonely Planet London

If we want to mention popular guide books on London city then we mention Lonely Planet London as a best guide book. Lonely Planet always writes excellent and informative guidebooks. This guide book packed with detailed information on London with colorful pictures. Moreover, in this book you will find so many real world advice’s from tourists. In other words, it’s like an informative blog in a book form.


Lonely Planet London City Guide Book

City Guide Book # 3 : The Pocket Pilot Map Of London

The Pocket Pilot Map Of London is also famous as a guide book of London City. Apart from guide book, it also acts as a map. We would like to mention that The Pocket Pilot Map of London is a durable as well as laminated map and it includes the great detail of London.



City Guide Book # 2 : DK Eyewitness London

The second popular and best London city guide book is the DK Eyewitness London. This guide book includes wide range of information about travel in London. The most important and interesting feature of this book is the numerous color pictures. On the other hand, this book also provides useful information. With the help of pictures, person can easily find the places in London.


DK Eyewitness London City Guide Book

 City Guide Book # 1 : Walking London

If we talk about best and “popular guide books for London Travel” then we should mention Walking London. Basically, Walking London is a detailed guide book to different self guided walking tours of beautiful London. This guide book features informative descriptions, clear maps and colorful pictures to navigate London streets.


Walking London City Guide Book

On the whole after sharing the list of “best London City guide book” it is easy to conclude that if you want to travel to London for the first time and you want to collect information about the best places, malls, restaurants of London then check out the above mentioned list of guide books on London. Just pick up the best one and study completely before travelling to London.

You can drop the name of your favourite book in the comment section below and help your fellow readers.

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