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10 Best Ice Cream in London 2020 UK – Where To Go

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If you are wondering where you can find the best ice cream in London then stop worrying because we are going to guide you towards some best places.

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There are a lot of places where you can eat the best ice cream in London and you may even know about some of the places already too. The purpose of this post is to let you know about the best ice cream in London places so you don’t waste your time and money trying to figure out which parlour sells the best ice cream.

After reading this post, you will know where to go to get the best tasting “ice cream in London 2020 UK”.

Ice Cream in London


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10 Best Ice Cream in London 2020 UK

1 # Gelupo 2020 UK

The first name in our list is of Gelupo. The time when I was asking for best ice cream in London recommendations, name of Gelupo kept turning up so I decided, why not give it a try and find out what the fuss is all about. In the beginning, Gelupo was at the last of our tasting list but people kept recommending us to go there in the first place. To be honest, we even started feeling sick because of all those recommendations and deep down in my heart, I had this doubt that maybe Gelupo is running some kind of referral program and if we visit them on someone’s recommendation, the person may earn some kind of commission. Anyways, we decided to give Gelupo a try and as soon as we took the first bite of Gelupo ice cream, our doubts shattered and our faith was restored immediately. I must say that Gelupo is one of the “best ice cream in London” that you will ever get to eat.

gelupo london

2 # Chin Chin Laboratories 2020 UK

You may be wondering, why in the world an ice cream place be named as laboratories? Well, the answer is quite simple as these guys use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream thus making it the best ice cream in London. There are so many flavours available at their ice cream laboratory that it will become difficult for you to decide which flavour you want to eat. Let me ease your trouble and tell you to try their chocolate vanilla flavoured ice cream scoops. This will be one of the best ice creams you would have ever eaten in your entire life, I can bet that.  The ice cream scoop is not that expensive too as it costs only £3.95. They sell nothing but ice cream so Chin Chin Laboratories is the place where you should go to enjoy the best ice cream in London.

chin Chin Laboratories london

3 # Shake Shack – Best Ice Cream in London 2020 UK

The name of the ice cream parlour may sound a little funky but let me tell you one thing, they sure know how to make the most delicious, light and fabulous ice cream in entire London. We have been to dozens of places, tasting ice creams and seldom we get to find a taste like Shake Shack. In the beginning, when Shake Shack opened for the first time, they were selling frozen custard and that is when they caught our eyes. We decided to give a try to their frozen custard but we never got a chance. However, when we were reviewing the best ice cream in London for you guys, we learned the Shake Shack is offering ice cream as well. This was a golden opportunity, at least for me, because I always wanted to go there and enjoy the cool atmosphere. I’m very happy to place them at number three in this review because they totally deserve this spot.

Shake Shack London

4 # Sardo Cucina – Best Ice Cream in London 2020 UK

The previous restaurants we talked about are completely famous for their best ice cream in London but Sardo Cucina is one of those restaurants whose focal point is not ice cream but because they make each food item with great quality, their ice cream is simply awesome as well. This is an offshoot of restaurant Sardo in Fitzrovia. Most of the people simply come here to enjoy the delicious food and have a good time but of course, you would want to eat the ice cream sometimes as well. While we were at the restaurant, we decided to try their Vanilla ice cream which tasted really good so we are placing them in our best ice cream in London review article. They also sell frozen custard and it tasted really great too. I’m definitely going there again to try their ice cream and frozen custard.

Sardo Cucina London

5 # Paul A Young 2020 UK

The two ice cream flavours that are always liked by people are chocolate and vanilla. If you are a chocolate ice cream person just like me then you would love to visit Paul A Young because this place is considered as the best chocolate ice cream place in entire London. Paul A Young shops are available throughout London but you will find ice cream at only two shops, one of which is located at Camden Passage and the other at Royal Exchange. Just like any ordinary ice cream shop, they have the ice cream ready for you in freezers. As I’m a chocolate ice cream person, I decided to go with the chocolate flavour and it tasted like as if they have added 70% of pure dark chocolate in their ice cream. Believe you me, their ice cream tasted really great. I would definitely suggest you guys give them a visit.

Paul A Young London

6 # Gelateria 3bis 2020 UK

Now, this is one of those places where I love to go and eat ice cream. Gelateria 3bis is one of those places where you can enjoy really delicious ice cream in chocolate and vanilla flavours. Guess what, the price of their ice cream is pretty economical too. Don’t you worry about the budget at all, it will be really light on your pocket. You get various options like you will get a wafer along with ice cream and there is also an option to pour liquid chocolate on top of your ice cream cup. I tried the vanilla ice cream with chocolate at the top layer and it was totally awesome. I normally fall in love with every ice cream place but Gelateria 3bis is the place I would love to get married to. The place is located at 4 Park Street, SE1 you should pay them a visit soon.

Gelateria 3bis London

7 # Scoop 2020 UK

As the name suggests, this is a place dedicated to ice cream lovers. The ice cream here is creamy yet light and that is one thing that I love about Scoop. They sell the kind of ice cream that you will not find anywhere in London. Many times while writing this review, I thought about placing Scoop at number one position but then I thought, hey other restaurants are doing a great job too. Just because an ice cream parlour is named scoop doesn’t mean, it has to be placed at number one position. Anyways, jokes apart, Scoop is really a great place to visit and of course, their ice cream is one of the best in London.  You can trust me on this as I’m telling you that you will not be disappointed at all.

Scoop London

Some other names to consider

The above-mentioned ice cream parlours and restaurants really sell best ice cream in London but it doesn’t mean that those are the only names you can trust. There are plenty of other restaurants in London that sell really delicious, creamy, light and economical ice cream. Some of the ice cream places that you must try out are described below.

8 # Oddono’s 2020 UK

They sell gelator that is made fresh daily in South Kensington. Another flavour that they sell is pistachio and it is also an award-winning flavour as well. If you have been to all the above-mentioned places, then Oddono’s is the place where you should go next. The ice cream place is located at 14 Bute Street, South Kensington, 69 Northcote Road, 8 Flask Walk, Battersea, 147 Lordship Lane, Hampstead, Whiteleys, Selfridges and Eash Dulwich. There is nothing must that I can say about the place but I can tell you that you are going to love their ice cream flavours for sure.

Oddono’s London

9 # Black Vanilla 2020 UK

This is another great place where you can go and enjoy delicious ice cream. The best thing about Black Vanilla is that they don’t rely on market made ingredients to make their ice cream. They either produce their own ingredients or they use independent producers who supply them with the right ingredients to make an ice cream that tastes really good. The pricing is very economical so you will not find it difficult to get money out of your pocket for enjoying their ice cream. This is also one of the personal favourite places to eat ice cream as well.

Black Vanilla London

10 # Tesoro 2020 UK

In this ice cream place, you can find a huge collection of gelato flavours. The place has got an Italian touch which will make you feel great because a change of atmosphere is always good. The ice cream place is located at 29 Goodge Street, Fitzrovia. There is nothing much that I know about this place but what I know is that their ice cream tastes really awesome. You will not be able to forget the taste of their ice cream and this is what I can guarantee for sure.

Tesoro London

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