Best Gifts for Foodies in 2020

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Are you looking for a present to give to a friend or family member who’s just mad about food? Look no further than this selection of the best food gifts 2020 you can give your gourmet pals.

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A Nice Bottle of Olive Oil

There are bottles of olive oil that are so special they are not allowed to be exposed to light and need a cloth sheathe for storage. What happens when they are exposed to light? Maybe their flavour gets diminished, maybe their colour gets faded, but the reverence that this induces makes a special bottle of olive oil more about the experience of getting it out for salads at a dinner party well worth it. You need to be disciplined, however, as good olive oil can get expensive! You can get aromatic olive oil selections if you want a more accessible alternative.

High-Quality Spices

Spices were the most valuable commodity in the world for a long time, but nowadays it’s easy to forget how special spices can be. We’re accustomed to being able to pick up almost anything in a supermarket, but what you buy on supermarket shelves is a long way off the real deal. High-quality spices are sure to amaze any dedicated chef, especially once they compare them to the spices that they already have in the kitchen.

A Cosy, Comfy Takeaway

Sometimes foodies want a break from cooking or going out to eat, which is why getting them a takeaway is the perfect treat for those days when they just want to have a relaxed night at home. You can treat them to a takeaway, but if you want them to take a night of indulgence and comfort, it would be easier to get takeaway vouchers from Gifts Vouchers so they can enjoy their takeaway on their terms.

Smart Herb Kit

Some people might love food but just not have a green finger, they might pick up herb plants at the supermarket often, use them a couple times and then neglect them until the next time they want to use them… and find that they’re dead. The smart indoor garden kit is the solution! These kits allow you to plant seeds and leave, giving them all the light and water they need automatically. All they need is for somebody to fill up the water every now and then! It couldn’t be easier.

Sous Vide

Sous Vide is French for ‘under vacuum’ and if you haven’t experienced this incredible low-temperature cooking before, get a sous vide kit for your friend and expect to be invited round once they have the hang of it. It involves putting food in a vacuum-sealed container and cooking it in a water bath at a low temperature for hours and hours. The result is an incredibly soft, tender and flavourful dish. What’s more, getting sous vide right can actually be quite hard, requiring practice and making it a skill that has to be acquired. That makes it perfect for any chef looking to push themselves! If they’re looking for recipe ideas, meat and fish fillets are normally good to sous vide, but a gourmet favourite is extremely slow-cooked prawns.

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