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5 Best Football Clubs in London 2019

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There are numerous “best football clubs in London” and the reason for it is insane popularity of football in this part of world. Football is by far the most popular and most player sport in all of London which has given birth to many talented names and productive football clubs. This article will serve good for those who are just curious to know about clubs on top and those who are interested to join some club in future because here you will get to know what club is worth what.

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5 Best Football Clubs in London

Football Club # 5. Charlton Athletic

Manager:   Guy Luzon

Training Ground: Charlton Athletic F.C. Training Ground

Arena/Stadium:  The Valley

Blessed with some amazing and talented players at number 5 stands Charlton Atheletic which has made great progress with their hard work and dedication. Every time they are in ground it can be said that the match would of high quality.


Football Club # 4. Queen Park Rangers

Manager:  Harry Redknapp

Training Ground:  Imperial College Sports Ground

Arena/Stadium:  Loftus Road

Former champions are on the 4th spot here. They saw a lot of ups and downs in late 90’s and then early 2000’s but as of 2010 they have now stabilized their image and their position as one of the finest teams in entire London. The best part about players of this league is that they are always pressure-free even in most intense matches.


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Football Club # 3. Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Manager:  Mauricio Pochettino

Training Ground:  Enfield Training Centre

Arena/Stadium:  White Hart Lane

If you want to see some exciting and thrilling action in world of football then going to matches of this club is not a bad idea. Entire roster consists of charismatic individuals with different sets of skills to show off  on ground and force people to get on edges of their seats to see and leave them thinking what is next?


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Football Club # 2. Chelsea FC

Manager:  José Mourinho

Training Ground:  Cobham Training Centre

Arena/Stadium: Stamford Bridge

A team known for giving a  tough time to all teams. They give tough time to better teams because they won’t easily admit defeat but they do the same to weak teams as well because they are more focused on having a good match and less focused on getting just another victory.


Football Club # 1. Arsenal FC

Manager:  Arsène Wenger

Arena/Stadium:  Emirates Stadium

Simply a pack of champions determined to never loose and crush anyone and everyone that is in their way while making crowd jump with excitement and leaving memories that will not fade away easily. With more than 30 cups in their lap there is no one other than Arsenal FC that can call themselves the king of jungle in world of London football.


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These are best football clubs in London and it is strongly advised by us to make your path towards one of these if you believe you have what it takes to be a top football player. For more articles like this we welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter and also share this article to your loved ones because you never know when one share by you may end up changing someone’s life.

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