Best Comedy Clubs in London

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Do you like to laugh? Do you like to laugh in big groups? Of course the answer is yes. And if you find yourself in London, you’re seriously in luck, because the city is home to a number of noteworthy clubs that are gut-splittingly hilarious. Here are some well-known and not so well known (but equally as funny) comedy clubs that’ll have you out on the town getting your laugh on.

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The Comedy Store


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This club features a bit more structure than most, with a lot of regularly scheduled improve performances by the club’s own comedy players as well as a weekly topical stand-up show that rotates in comedians from a specified list. However, one interesting feature is that on particular days, audience members are given the opportunity to try their hand at stand-up and perform a routine of their own! Just go online, follow the steps, and maybe one day you’ll have headline a comedy tour of your own.

Location: Haymarket House, 1A Oxendon Street, London SW1Y 4EE; Telephone: 0844 871 7699.

Top Secret Comedy Club

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So it’s obvious this club is no longer a secret, and thank goodness! TSCC offers a change of pace, as it features lesser-known comedians (but not less talented, by any means) in a location that’s a little farther away from the crowds than the more popular venues. Go online for a significant ticket price discount and make good use of the long lasting drink promotions!

Location: 38 King Street, London WC2E 8JT; Telephone: 07956 539784.

The Comedy Tree

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Not only can you enjoy an intimate show at The Comedy Tree but also an extremely moderately priced dinner and beer. This club was opened by comedians who specifically had hilarious entertainment in mind and knew how to bring it to the masses. Some of London’s funniest acts make their way down to The Comedy Tree, and they’re just waiting for you to laugh at (and with!) them. If you’re trying to get a group together, all the better. Group bookings are available and ready for you to make use of.

Location: 14-16 Putney High Street, London SW15 1SL; Telephone: 020 7736 1446.

Comedy Carnival

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As perhaps the biggest comedy venue in the city, the Comedy Carnival in Leicester Square attracts names from both the UK and around the world. And as one of the premiere clubs in London, they’ve got some great deals to go with. With the dinner and show ticket, you’ll be given the chance to choose restaurants from a pre-selected list (in the area, of course) and finish your evening with a hilarious show. Party bookings are available too, so bring the whole family!

Location: Leicester Street, London, Greater London WC2 7NA; Telephone: 020 7736 1446.

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