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City folk doesn’t need to trek far for a brilliant beach; the capital is well connected to some of the best beaches in the country, and in less than two hours, Londoners can find themselves oceanside making sandcastles, paddling in the sea, and copping a lungful of fresh salty air.

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From the fresh oysters on the foodie coastline of Mersea Island to seal-spotting and fossil hunting at Walton-on-the-Naze, here’s our guide to the best beaches near London 2020 UK.

Looking for a sunny getaway, but can’t afford the flight?

Beach, please! There are stunning beaches within two hours of London, UK, so grab your flip flops and sunnies for a day trip to one of these beauties.

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Happy to travel further afield for a pretty coastline? Take a look at our list of the best beaches in the UK.

Where is the nearest beach to London? we collect the best list for you.

14 Best Beaches Near London 2020 UK – Visit This Weekend

1. Ruislip Lido Beach, West London 2020 UK

Sitting at the edge of an exquisite 726-acre nature reserve, Ruislip Lido is a perfect family holiday spot. Heading through this rustic forest, like an ancient woodland, you reach the edge to experience this astounding view of the lake. The experience is further amplified with the offered recreational activity spots like play areas, ice cream parlours, climbing frames, and topping it all, a miniature train for a fun trip around the lake. Ruislip Lido knows perfectly how to take away your exhaustion and recharge you for the coming days.

Photo Credit: lifeandsoulmagazine

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2. Botany Bay, Kent 2020 UK

Out of the famous seven Bays in Broadstairs, Botany Bay is the most treasured.  We are sure you have seen the place in plenty of dramas, films and songs already and you are probably planning on visiting it soon if you still haven’t. The beautiful white cliffs and chalk stacks are what is the most admired about the place, but that’s not it.  Love exploring rock pools? Botany Bay is your place to be at!

The fun doesn’t end here. Botany Bay has more to offer. Get your Kayak gear and swimsuits ready and move in for some water sports.

Back from the adventures? Take a quick shower and head out for some scrumptious food, and you’re free to stroll at the beach or just sit back and enjoy the sound of water splashing against the cliffs. Ah! What better can one get from a holiday?

Photo Source: dayoutwiththekids.

3. Brighton, Sussex 2020 UK

Did you hear that? Brighton beach has been voted one of the top 10 city beach break destinations in the World. Yes, that’s right! Wondering why? Let us show you.

From mesmerizing sea views & captivating sunsets to relaxing seaside strolls, from water sports like kayaking and stand-up waterboarding to other classic beach sports like volleyball and Frisbee to a variety of foods starting from ice-cream to high-end seafood, from kids play areas to arts and crafts, from furniture shops to photography stalls, Brighton Beach has it all really.

So whether it’s your kids or Grandma with you, your partner, or parents, Brighton Beach has a plan for them all – making it your preferred family holiday spot!

Photo Credit: TrekEarth

4. Frensham Beach, Surrey 2020 UK

Planning a relaxing weekend get-a-way with your loved ones? South of Farnham and approximately 50 minutes from Redhill lies this pleasant beaching spot you’d love to be at. The place has two ponds commonly known as Frensham great pond and Frensham little pond. The self-made beach along the side of the ponds allows you to breathe in some salty air while sunbathing, take a swim in the pleasant pond water or maybe play a game or have an ice cream under the warm sun.

The place offers you space for car parking and restrooms, so you don’t really need to worry about much. Get your shades on and head out to enjoy your day at Frensham Beach.

Photo Credit: Flickr

5. Bournemouth, Dorset 2020 UK

Another famous-for-obvious-reasons beach is, yes, you read that right. Bournemouth is another award-winning beaching spot with activities catering to all your holidaying needs. Whether you plan for a seaside saunter, cycling at the beach, or playing around the famed Victorian gardens along the majestic clifftops, lazing under the sun, enjoying your favourite meals, or staying over at your favourite spot, Bournemouth has it all sorted. From classic hotels with some incredible views to small, cosy family-owned lodges, from day time pursuits to night time adventures, Bournemouth has offers you’d wish to explore.

Photo Credit: The Crazy Tourist

6. Whitstable, Kent 2020 UK

Haven’t yet tried Whitstable’s famous oysters? You’re missing out on a big deal!

Other than the celebrated Whitstable Oyster Festival, the town is liked best for its orthodox and artsy feels. People love to fill their lungs with some fresh air while strolling on the seashore or lazing under the sun. Other than the usual seaside activities, Whitstable has plenty more to offer. From Scrumptious oysters to Artists corners with walls painted in fresh blues and greens creating an ambience that soothes your soul. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, Whitstable must be just the right option for you. After an adventurous tiring day, book a tranquil seaside lodge facing the sea and experience the settling sun and breathe in the beautiful horizon.

Photo Credit: In Search Of Space

7. Camber Sands, East Sussex 2020 UK

With the apparent name, you must have guessed by now that this beach, unlike other beaches around, that are lined with pebbles, stones, and shingle, is mostly covered with sand (Fact: Camber is home to the only sand dunes in East Sussex), and is a highly recommended spot for beachcombers. People mostly enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing, long coastal strolls, picnic among the dunes, and birdwatching.

The dissimilarity and the chichi scenic views of the beach make it a famous filming spot, and hence you often bump into celebs. With beautiful, gold sand combined with the splashing waters and beautiful horizons, the place remains a safe haven for work-exhausted-seclusion-seekers.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

8. Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex 2020 UK

This small town on the North Sea coast in the Tendring district is famous for the fossils and some rocks as old as 50 million years. The prominent rocks include Red crag and London clay.

Other than enjoying walks on the soft sand along the shore, finding fossils and collecting rocks, you might also love hanging out at the Naze tower top floor, spotting ships, and then down on the second floor enjoying a cup of tea/coffee, some tatties and art exhibitions. Foodies usually head to the Old Pier Street and find themselves some pleasant restaurants with a soothing ambience and yum food.

Walton-on-the-Naze also offers hotels and lodges for night stays with rooms staring at the sea views and the soothing sounds of the waves splashing, making it a perfect holiday spot for both families and couples.

Photo Credit: Pictures Of England

9. Dungeness, Kent 2020 UK

Dungeness is one of the largest shingle expanses in Europe, and the importance it holds for its geomorphology, the birdlife, and the plant and invertebrate communities make it better than anything else around.

People commonly know Dungeness as the desert of the UK. The place is uniquely beautiful in both summers and winters for in summers, you can enjoy bathing or some surfing on the water, and in winters, the site unravels its uniqueness and the unparalleled beauty with dark night skies, sea birds and cold winds.

Dungeness is home to more than 600 types of plants, which is a third of all those found in Britain. The beautiful landscapes, picture-perfect horizons, and the nature reserves make Dungeness one its kind.

Photo Credit: Day out with the Kids

10. Climping Beach, West Sussex 2020 UK

This rural beach, located midway Littlehampton and Bognor, is (just like other beaches along the coast) made of pebbles and shingles. Climping beach offers facilities like car parking, cafes, restrooms, and open showers, making it a preferred family holiday spot.

While strolling along the coast, towards the East, you can find the dune eco-system and walking a little farther you’ll see Littlehampton, while towards the West lies the Countryside. Climping Beach is a nominated place for day-outs and extended walk plans.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

11. Sunny Sands, Kent 2020 UK

Sunny sands are one of the very few sandy beaches among those made of pebbles and shingles, and it’s famous for its annual Folkestone sandcastle competition.

People usually head to sandy sands which families to enjoy walks along the shore, breathe in some beautiful clean air while strolling among wild, colourful flowers, take in the picturesque view of the horizon. At the same time, the sunsets and ends the day with some delicious ice cream and fish & chips.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

12. West Wittering Beach, West Sussex 2020 UK

West Wittering’s high-quality water and exceptional facilities have made it one of the premier blue flag beaches in England.

Whether you’re planning a family day out in summers or winter vacation with your loved ones, West Wittering is not going to disappoint. In summers people usually enjoy with their buckets and spades, some quick dips in the clean, lukewarm water and icecreams while playing or lazing around. Summers are also a bit more rushy, so make sure you reach on time to avoid inconvenience.

Winters days are usually calm at West Wittering, and people enjoy the cold wind while walking along the shores or kitesurfing. This beach is also famous for its wildlife, birds, and unparalleled scenic beauty.

Photo Credit: Youtube

13. Mersea Island, Essex 2020 UK

Yes, that’s exactly where the famous, week-long boat racing festival known as “Mersea Week” takes place every summer. Other than boat racing, the place also offers some of the best sailing, kayaking, and other water activities, like swimming (a pond with hot water for kids is also available), surfing, speed boating, and more!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

14. Eastbourne, East Sussex 2020 UK

Last but not least, surely. Eastbourne is more than your expectations! From regular sports like tennis to water sports like speed boating, surfing to air shows, you’ll find it all at Eastbourne. This small town has so many attractions that make people want to keep coming back.

Prominent attractions in Eastbourne like Beachy Head, Birling Gap, and the Seven Sisters, Miniature Steam Railway Adventure Park, Fort Fun, Eastbourne Pier, Sovereign Harbour Marina, Eastbourne Bandstand, Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Redoubt Fortress & The Pavilion and the Nigel Greaves Gallery make this town one of its kind.

Photo Credit: The Crazy Tourist

So whatever mood you find yourself in, whatever feelings you experience, Eastbourne knows how to please you.

This was our list of top Beaches in London 2020 UK that is located just near you.

So Londoners, wait no more! Grab your glasses and flip-flops, get your kayaking checklist, and head out for an exciting holiday.

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