24+ Best London Attraction for Kids UK 2020

Things to do and see for Children & Kids in London, UK

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London is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. There are numerous places to visit but it holds a speciality when it comes to attracting kids.

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There are tons of places in London that attract children towards them and you must show your kids if you plan on visiting the city.

24+ Best London Attraction for Kids UK 2020


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This article will take you on an entourage of all the must-see places in London for your children to have fun. Things to do and see for Children & Kids in London, UK.

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24 Best London Attraction for Kids UK 2020

1. Tower of London – Buy Ticket

This 1000-year-old castle beholds the world-famous crown jewels and is one of the most worth-seeing places in London for you and your family.

The minimum time required to have a thorough look is 3 hours but it is recommended that you spend a full day, so that you can enjoy all that is in there.

Being an integral part of British history, the castle offers informative exhibitions and marvellous structures to help convert your ordinary day into a fun time. While the younger children will be fantasized by the various objects and ornaments exhibited.

The older ones will have a sense of curiosity to know about its wealth, importance and its role as a fortress in the past centuries. Moreover, one can not withstand the breath-taking sight of the crown jewels; which are one of the most wonderful and valuable assets that the UK possesses.

But if your children require more than just historical sightings and facts, then you must do a little bit of homework to coincide your visit with the numerous plays and one-off events that take place at the Tower of London all year round.

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2. London Eye – Buy Ticket

One of the most famous and impeccable tourist spots with loads of entertainment and brilliantly organized places in the city should be uncompromisable when deciding places to visit on a family’s day out.

It is a chance to see the views of London from a bird’s eye view. The fast track entry is one of the greatest time-savers so that you can explore more of what’s present. On a clear day, your kids can see an area of about 40km with naked eyes.

Some of the most famous buildings you will see from the Ferris wheel are; the MI6 Spy headquarters, the iconic Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column and the Buckingham Palace which are all attractive for the children.

It is up to your family’s preferences that either you want to visit the place in daylight or at night. Both views can make you awestruck. At day, you can easily recognize buildings and areas and distinguish between them.

At night, you have the advantage of seeing the city lit up and the beautiful lights and views are so satisfying. Whatever time you choose, it solely depends on your preferences but keeps in mind that the grace of the place and its fun stays in equanimity in both times and your kids will never forget such a jovial experience.

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3. London Sea Life Aquarium – Buy Ticket

If you want your kids to have an out of the world experience which is informative yet entertaining. The London Sea Life Aquarium is the best place to do so, with an array of unusual creatures ranging from crocodiles to penguins and sea-horses.

The main aquarium goes across a couple of floors. The Shark Reef encounter is a must-one to show your kids. 2 of the sharks are 2.m long!. There are numerous educational tasks such as behind-the-scene tours, fun demonstrations, touch pools and a lot more.

But for this, you have to plan your visit accordingly so that these activities are available for your kids when you arrive. Another amazing thing to watch is the Ray Lagoon; as you can see amazing creatures very closely but it can be a bit of a task to get to the front on busy days.

If you get the VIP pass, your kids can enjoy shark and turtle feeding experiences. But don’t worry, even if you can’t afford that, you can still come at 11:30 am to participate in the daily ray feed.

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4. London Transport Museum – Buy Ticket

If you want yourself and your kids to know how the transport system evolved from the 19th century, this place is essential for that. The 80 vehicle collection engages right from the beginning just as you enter the museum.

Apart from the vehicle themselves being so attractive, for children, there are video and sound clips and all the information is presented in a jovial way. The upper floor consists of an exhibition of the earliest vehicles such as omnibuses and horse-ridden carriages.

The London Transport Museum does not stop you from touching the showcased items. You can feel free to try out sitting in the vehicles and let them pretend to take a ride.

The lower level exhibits the evolution of motorized vehicles. The vintage steam engine is an attraction to those who keep a keen interest in trains. Next comes the details of how the London Tube was conceived, developed, and built.

The fun is on the main ground which contains the greatest collection of vehicles. The play zone is specified for children under 7. There can pretend to be drivers, captains, and passengers and play out their roles.

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5. British Museum – Buy Ticket

With 8 million objects in the collection and over 80,000 on display, the British Museum is one of the best infotainment sites for your children to spend a day.

The treasure hunt is one of the most interesting activities that children love to participate in. The children are provided with a list of objects and the children are supposed to find as many objects as they can in 90 minutes inside the museum.

There is a diverse array of objects on display. From the Rosetta stone to the Egyptian mummies, Parthenon structures to easter island statues, you can find a lot of objects from different ethnic and historical backgrounds.

The number of activities that you can do is endless and there is no chance that you and your kids are going to get bored in this modern place which is full of history. The staff is very genial and you do not have to worry about your kids moving on their own as the environment is completely safe.

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6. Legoland Windsor – Buy Ticket

If you have a family consisting of toddlers and tweens, then there can be no place better than Legoland to entertain them for the day and turn their whimsical moods into as jovial as possible.

With over 42 rides, the place does not have any age restrictions on 26 rides. Others have height restrictions for safety purposes. Legoland always creates a world of its own and this is the reason it is loved by the children this much.

Numerous rides offer the children role-play and choose a character to play. The Duplo theatre and the Atlantis submarine voyage are some of the few to mention. All of these are fun not just for kids but for the adults as well.

Partly because the adults are finding their happiness in the happiness of their children and partly because the stuff is pretty interesting even if you are a grown-up. The safari and the chase are some of the others to mention.

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7. London Zoo – Buy Ticket

Started over 170 years ago, the London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoos in the world. If you have animal-loving kids, then there can’t be a better place and a better reason to visit the London Zoo.

Although you can never watch all of it in a single time as you would surely run out of either energy or time. But it is still enough to make your day and give you a commemorable experience.

New animals are being added with every passing year and this is why you never run out of options and views. The Land of Lions and Tiger Territory are some of the most famous and most visited parts of the zoo.

Planning your visit ahead of time can yield you many benefits such as being able to experience the events taking place per the time of the year and some other factors. You can also hire buggies for your children to save those little legs from tiring.

Furthermore, children scooters and bikes are also allowed as long as they are supervised by an adult. Moreover, if you book in advance and through the ZSL London Zoo directly, there is a chance that you might get a discount as well.

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8. Science Museum – Buy Ticket

One of the best ways to educate your children in a fun way is to pay a visit to the science museum in London. Even if they don’t see it as an opportunity to have enjoyment and fun, they will surely see it fruitful for their studies.

The launchpad on floor 3 is one of the most informative places in the museum. There are explanatory notices on every exhibited item but the staff is present to guide your children if they can’t evaluate it from the notices.

The Pattern Pod for the under 8s is one the most suitable place to take your toddler child to so they can participate in fun learning activities. There are activities for older kids as well and it can’t be said that they would be left out.

Children are guided throughout the tour by the staff and officials so that they have no query when they leave the museum. It is one of the best opportunities to indoctrinate your kids with scientific knowledge in a rather lighter way.

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9. Tower Bridge – Buy Ticket

One of the most integral yet adventurous places is the Tower Bridge in London. The entrance is located on the north-west end of the bridge. It provides a view over the city with glass windows inside the gallery between the two towers and offers some historical sightings within the tower.

It is made sure that your children do not get bored. To account for that, there is a free explore pack available called the Guy Fox Explorer Kit. It consists of maps, explorer kits, colouring pages, and some informative facts about the surroundings and history through a cartoon fox.

The videos and virtual timelines keep the kids engaged and make them feel part of the experience. In addition to that, it also allows them to know what’s going on around.

You can reject the lift and take a hike up some stairs to spice things up a little bit. The tower is open 363 days a year and is awaiting all those who keep a crave for mild adventures. Don’t miss out on this place and get going immediately with your children.

This adventure is beneficial to cheer up their moods as well as educate them about history in a fun and interactive way.

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10. National Maritime Museum – Buy Ticket

Again another informative and meticulously interesting experience for your children is awaiting the National Maritime Museum. Being the largest maritime museum of the UK it offers a range of exhibitions, permanent display, and special collections.

One of the children-oriented places inside the museum is the Children’s Gallery with a ship simulator. Children can play the role of a captain on the ship, Seahorse. They can steer or cook food whilst listening to what real captains would do or eat during their journeys.

They can also shoot cannons at the incoming pirate ships, thanks to the ship simulator which makes things a lot more interesting with 5 interactive screens, radars and real navigation equipment.

The Great Map and the Compass Lounge allows the children to be geography masters and navigators and hence, adorns their thrill and sense of adventure during the visit. Furthermore, they get to learn a lot about history, geography, navigation, and more with these intuitive activities.

The place is well stuffed with education and fun, not only children but adults too find it cheerful to have a good look around the National Maritime Museum.

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11. Royal Air Force Museum – Buy Ticket

This is surely one of the most secluded attractions in London. If your children are more into aviating and going as high as the sky, you should surely take them to the Royal Air Force Museum.

5 different exhibitions hangers are dedicated solely to aviation history. Milestones of Flight, The Bomber Hall, Historic Hangars, The Battle of Britain Hall, and The Graham White Factory are those to name.

It might sound a bit less for such a museum but you realize you’re wrong it only when you step inside. With over 100 aircraft on display, you and your children would be awe-struck with the size, height, and scale of the collection.

Being interactive is one of the greatest features of this museum. You are allowed to climb in the cockpits and even ride the queen’s helicopter. The two flight simulators and a 4D cinema are the best source of amusement for the children.

But this experience is not restricted to amuse the children but will surely entertain the adults as well. They won’t find a waste of time for themselves but will surely benefit from the information provided and the fun witnessed.

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12. Madame Tussauds – Buy Ticket

The greatest waxworks can be found at the Madame Tussauds. There is a lot to do once you get there but this place is not only for kids, but adults also spend quite a fun time over here.

With a range of celebs, from Bollywood stars to sporting celebrities to world leaders and iconic characters. You can find a lot over there and then it’s up to you in what way you feel it is interesting.

Children can get a lot excited when they find the wax statue of their favourite celeb and then the chain of pictures and selfies just initiates spontaneously. But there is a lot to learn as well, in a small space, the process of how these statues are created, is explained as well.

The Marvel 4D cinema is yet another wonder to be seen. It allows viewers to see a wax statue of Iron Man and watch his films with real effects such as wind breezes and such. One of the most awe-inspiring is the behemoth King Kong who can be seen breathing and heard roaring.

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13. The Making of Harry Potter – Buy Ticket

The Warner Bros Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter is one of the most fantasized places for children. You’ll need to book your visit in advance as the place can’t afford to be crowded and is exclusive.

The kids can watch back-to-back movies and read novels as they would want to get every possible detail they want. The place is more like an interactive Harry Potter Museum. The kids get to see the real costumes, set, and props used in the movies.

The children can get inside information from the crew and artists and get to know what it takes to make such a magical piece of work and the effort required to make it all work.

Furthermore, the children can wear costumes and get props so that they replay their favourite scenes from their favourite parts of the Harry Potter series, in their way.

The fun can also be found outside the warehouse which features the place and the details of the early life of Harry Potter. In addition to that, the place also holds some of the signature vehicles from the storyline such as the Knight Bus and Mr.Weasley’s flying car.

One of the most thrilling places you can find during the tour is the model of Hogwarts Castle. The day to night transition is of only 4 minutes featuring a blue moonlight and yellow sunlight elucidating the intended effect.

The 50-foot model can be seen and observed by your kid inch to an inch and see what it took 86 artists to create such a piece of art.

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14. National Portrait Gallery – Buy Ticket

Being home to the portraits of numerous famous British people such as famous writers, film stars, historical figures, royalty and high-born people from hundreds of years ago in the permanent collection, the gallery offers numerous events and occasions as well.

If you want your kids to get to know British history in a more general way, this is the best place for it. It is good to visit the official website first to get to know about the upcoming events.

Children interested in history will surely be fascinated by the gorgeous portraits that the gallery offers. Moreover, youngsters interested in art will find the artwork especially fascinating as the quality and skill involved in these portraits is so impeccable and highly appreciable.

It might be a bit of a task to keep the under 9s entertained in here but thanks to the genial staff they will surely find your toddlers an activity to keep them busy. Or simply, they could be entertained by elaborating about the facts relating to those in the portraits and keeping them engaged.

The National Portrait Gallery has been there from around the 1800s and its sole purpose is to keep alive the memories of those who did some good for the nation.

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15. Imperial War Museum – Buy Ticket

After the great renovation that took place, the Imperial War Museum exhibits a collection of galleries, films so that your children can know about the World Wars and other wars and learn about the role of Britain in all of them.

Hidden behind the glasses, the Museum displays pieces of paper that changed the course of the world. It doesn’t matter if your children are keen on history or not, they will surely find this experience exciting and out of the world.

If you are ready to pay a little fee, there are numerous activities available for your children. No worries if not, as there is still a lot to see. From the haunting yet powerful Holocaust memorial to the patriotic vibed bunker of Churchill, you and your kids can explore a lot.

The fact that it is not very crowded unlike other museums, you can easily have a walk and have a look at all the exhibited items thoroughly. Despite the serious theme and the orthodox environment, children still love to visit such places.

The 1300 items on display and the fixed World War galleries are one of the major sources of attraction for the museum.

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16. Buckingham Palace – Buy Ticket

No matter what age your kids are, every child loves to visit a royal building as they are interested to see the way of living of the elite.

The visit to the palace would allow your children to explore throne rooms and ballrooms as well as the opportunity to dress up as royalty and ride a horse at the family pavilion. This whole experience is followed by a multimedia guide designed especially for kids under 12.

The garden is a source to interact with various living creatures and get to learn about the past through poetic galleries and exhibitions within the palace. Visitors can also visit the building where Kate and William got married.

The place is ready to cater to families with kids and hence, arrangements are made accordingly. Although no child will disagree with horse-riding as royalty, if even still, your kids are bored inside, take them outside to the parks surrounding the palace and allow them to play.

Moreover, one of the most fascinating events is the changing of guards at the place. The event is so majestic and royale that everyone in the country wants to witness the event. If in the end, you get your tickets stamped, your pass will be made into an annual pass.

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17. V&A Museum of Childhood – Buy Ticket

Finally! We have a museum specified for children. The Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood exhibits childhood objects from different eras to show how the living of children has evolved over the centuries.

The objects date back as far as1600 and include toys and different aspects of childhood such as childcare, play, learning, clothing, and rare hand-crafted objects. The children would love such a place.

Kids would like to see what children of their age would do over 100 years ago. The objects attract the children and they often enjoy being able to see what they could have or would have done if they were born a few centuries ago.

In addition to that, it is a part of their implicit education to know the history and living style of people in the past times.

So, not only does it attract the children but it also educates them facts about the past and makes them capable of predicting what it would be like in the future by analyzing the evolution pattern of previous centuries.

In a nutshell, it is one of the world’s finest collections and preservation of childhood memories from centuries ago. The regular exhibitions are an option for you to take your kids and have an education-oriented enjoyment.

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18. Natural History Museum – Buy Ticket

One of the best places to take your kids to is the Natural History Museum. Over 200 years old, the museum offers a great diversity of intrinsic models and shocking information. It is mainly segmented into 2 parts; Life Gallery (relating to zoology, paleontology, and human biology) and Earth Gallery (Mineral resources, history of earth and geology).

The most attractive place for kids will be the Blue Zone which beholds the dinosaur skeletons. Some of the special mentions are the earthquake simulators upon entry and the robotized T-Rex.

The Red Zone specializes in the evolution of earth and the best part is the escalator that takes you to the supposed core of the earth for a better experience. Children-specified activities are also available, such as the volcano making panels and simulation of large magnitude earthquakes.

The Darwin Center is the last part of the museum. This place is specified for insects and plants. With over 17 million species of insects and 3 Million different species of plants, this part is spread over 8 floors. If your children are into plants and small organisms, this is one of the most suitable places to take them to in the museum.

In short, the Natural History Museum is the best place to entertain and educate your children in London.

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19. Museum of London Docklands – Buy Ticket

The port history of London sits in a 200 years old building known as the Museum of London Docklands. With 10 galleries feeding you with info about World Wars, trade and a lot of other niches.

The place is highly interactive as it provides games on touch-screens for educational purposes for children. There are special soft-plays and train-driving activities for those under 5.

The events for those over 12 are held on a schedule on some days and you will have to check it before making a booking if your children are over 12. The museum cafe offers a special menu for the children and high chairs for the little ones.

If you have brought your packed lunch, then there is a picnic area as well so that you can enjoy your meal with your loved ones peacefully and undisturbed. If you have infants with you, you need not worry about them as there is a baby changing room present inside.

You can take in buggies and wheelchairs as well. But the fun fact is that there is a Mudlarks interactive gallery which provides numerous activities for your little ones to keep them engaged in the experience.

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20. London Dungeon – Buy Ticket

If your children are 12 or older then this one is an awesome place to take them to. Children under 3 will enter the attraction free of charge. There are almost 18 interactive experiences with 360-degree sets and 20 trained performers present to entertain your children.

More like a haunted house, the place is highly interactive and very interesting both for kids and adults. The tour of the Descent is the most popular which starts with a loud bang just as you enter the medieval lift to enter the dungeon.

The tyrant boat, Drop Dead Drop Ride to Doom are part of this journey which imitates the true events of history that took place in the past. We can say that the acts are retroactive to historic events.

It is an amazing opportunity to get your children to learn about history more like a story or a play so that it is easier for them to remember. It is one of the best methods to educate your children in a fun-oriented way.

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21. National Gallery –Buy Ticket

Art is spread all over London and the National Art gallery is one of the best ways to witness the abstract of all that there is.

The amiable staff guides you and your kids throughout the tour and there are audio guides for adults and kids to understand better what is present in their immediate vicinity and what is its significance.

On Fridays, there are free drawing and talking sessions for kids. The range of activities offered at the National Gallery is immense. The artwork is so beautiful that one can’t get their eyes off it.

There are facilities such as baby changing, special care and a lot more. Besides, the tour is free, so you could pop in whenever you want for as much time as you want.

One of the most attractive features for the children is the treasure hunt which is specifically designed for the children so that they feel themselves an integral part of the whole experience.

It is beneficial from both studios and entertaining aspects and you should surely give it a chance.

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22. Tate Modern – Buy Ticket

Again free experience that is so beneficial and interesting but you can only assess this fact if you are astute enough. There are storage presents to store buggies, one of the most renowned features is that you don’t need to shush your children.

The gallery administration says that they do not want people to walk on tiptoes so the children can feel free to talk and be as inquisitive as they want.

You might need to take a lot of papers and color pencils with you as it is a trend in the Tate Modern that children try to draw what they see and this is quite good because it will enhance their drawing as well as observation skills.

There is a gift shop present as well but do you shop from there or not, depends solely if you are ready to spend a quite decent amount of money as it is expensive. But if you are too frugal for that, there is still quite a lot to do and keep yourself and the kids entertained.

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23. The Shard – Buy Ticket

Being the tallest building in Western Europe it provides such a beautiful view from the top. The open area on the top is one of the best parts of the building and, surely, your kids will love the atmosphere, ambience, and view from the top.

One of the best parts is that for those little ones under 3, entry is completely free! With over 82 floors, it is the highest building in the UK. If your kids are afraid of heights then either you can see it unnecessary and wave it off or see it as an opportunity to elicit the fears out of them.

There are a couple of kid-specified activities available; such as the toy shop Romeo which has some pretty cool stuff that you would usually not find in ordinary toy shops.

If you take a guided tour, you will get to learn 1000 years of history from the top. On level 72, there is a deck from where you can sight the city below and can buy drinks and snacks as well.

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24. Boat Tour of Thames – Buy Ticket

One of the most fascinating things a Londoner can think of is to have a tour of the only river in the city. Just say goodbye to ordinary trips of the city on roads and buses, it is time to hit the water.

There is no need to book ahead to board the boat, as you can buy a ticket right on the spot. There are variations in the type of trip you book of the Thames. If you take the river taxi, then you will get a hell of an experience with wifi, newspapers, and drinks and snacks that you can buy.

Often there is a person that guides you throughout the trip and helps you to recognize buildings and introduces them to you if you are from an external origin. The boats are crowded in commuter times so the best time to visit is in the daytime.

There is no age limit specified for children on this trip as all age brackets are allowed in and will have an enjoyable experience.

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