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5 Best Cheap Bed and Breakfast London 2018 UK


Bed and breakfast is the need of every traveller who don’t want to stay in big hotels and also want to save their money. Because bed and breakfast is a service in which hotels or bed and breakfast service providers offer passenger a night stay with breakfast.


Usually bed and breakfasts are guest houses will 2 or more rooms or some little cottages in which every passenger gets his room and breakfast on a dinning table in the morning. Usually these bed and breakfasts cost less than hotels.

Today our readers will know about some of the best bed and breakfast in London so they can save their money and time while visiting London, list starts now.

5 Best cheap Bed and Breakfast London


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5 Best Cheap Bed and Breakfast London

Bed and Breakfast 1 # : 40 Winks

40 winks is one of the “best Bed and Breakfast London”. Its owned by a well popular interior designer who have made 40 winks his masterpiece. There are only two rooms available at 40 winks one room is with single bed and the other is with double bed. The rates of the two rooms are different, the price per night for single bedroom is 110 £ and for double bedroom the price is 185 £ including breakfast. Its a very busy bed and breakfast London, so you should contact them at least a week before your visit.

Bed and Breakfast 1 # : 40 Winks

Bed and Breakfast 2 # : The Garden Bed & Breakfast

The garden bed and breakfast is popular for its natural look, that’s a garden in the house. Anyone can easily access to this place bus or train both are on the walk of 5 minutes. This garden bed and breakfast has been featured in many newspapers and magazines worldwide and also been featured in many TV channels. Another thing about the garden is that, it has won best garden prize in UK. The price per night for single bed is 85 £ and for double bed it is 105 £ .

Bed and Breakfast 2 # : The Garden Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast 3 # : Arlington Avenue

Arlington Avenue is one of the most affordable and special bed and breakfast in London. The price per night for single bed is 40 £ and for double bed its 50 £. If you want peace and no voice in the house then Arlington Avenue is the best place for you. According to the owners you will here no other voice than the voice of the birds in the Arlington Avenue.

Bed and Breakfast 3 # : Arlington Avenue

Bed and Breakfast 4 # : The White House Bed and Breakfast

Another peaceful place in the London to live your nights. Its also on the walk of just few minutes from train station. The main colour used in the decoration of the house is white which have made the house a peaceful place. The price per night for the doubles is 90 £.

Bed and Breakfast 4 # : The White House Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast 5 # : 26 Hillgate Place

26 hillgate place is a small house decoration with art and antiques from all over the world. Main design theme of the 26 hillgate place is Indian and Caribbean. Breakfast is delivered in Dutch style. The price per night for doubles is 80 £.

Bed and Breakfast 5 # : 26 Hillgate Place

So, this is the list of some of the “5 best cheap bed and breakfast London”. All of the places mentioned in the list will cost you less than big hotels and the main thing is you will be in peace. We hope you will like the stuff but don’t miss out this list of top communities living in London.

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