Back-to-school Time!!! Statuses and Tweets Here and There


When I was kid there were two most important days for me to make a great impression: one was first day of school and the second one back-to-school day after vacations.


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 And for me both of these days involved hair straighter. It did not much matter for me what I had to wear as long as I have great hairs. I never wanted a bad hair day on back to school day. I really worked hard for my hairstyle as well.


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Now the back-to-school day is arrived in London. Parents are double-checking ad triple checking everything from school bag and stationary to lunch box. First and back-to-school day has power to make parents crazy and hell tired as well as the power to make children all of a sudden introvert bashful or perfectly brave. So kid now school days back again. So have fun at school!

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