How To get London underground Baby on Board badge

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Did you just come here to know “how to get London underground baby on board badge”? Well, that is exactly what we are going to talk about but let’s first explain things a little bit for those who are new to things like this. Life is much more difficult if you are a woman. This is because you have to experience countless things that men never have to go through in their entire lives. And that includes being afraid of sexually assaulted, murdered or even losing your baby that is not born yet.

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 How To Get London Underground Baby On Board Badge


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This difficult life for women becomes even more difficult when they have another soul in their womb, when they are about to become a mother. At such condition, they are carrying some serious extra weight in their belly and they need very strong care to be safe and to keep the baby safe. United Kingdom Government is one of the smartest in the world and that’s why they allow such women to get London underground baby on board badge. But what is London underground baby on board badge?

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It is a badge that you can show to passengers in trains or tubes or buses to tell them that you can’t stand for long and you need their seat. This badge makes everyone else’s responsibility to keep you comfortable during travelling. Now the question is how to get London underground baby on board badge?

How To get London Underground baby On Board badge

The process to get London underground baby on board badge is pretty simple and we are going to show this to you step by step.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is open your laptop/pc and send an email to letting them know that you need to get London underground baby on board badge
  2. Write your name in email you write with accuracy
  3. Write you current address and read it twice or more to make sure it is 100% correct
  4. TFL staff will read your mail and your request will be processed.
  5. They will come to your home to see you or ask you to come see them just to confirm that you are in legitimate need to get the badge.
  6. Once everything confirmed, you should be able to get London underground baby on board badge within a week.

And that’s it. Once you get London underground baby on board badge, your life will become a little easier but only until you give birth to your baby. As soon as your baby is born, you card will become useless and you won’t be able to get it work anyway. So just throw it away.

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That is how easy it is to get London underground baby on board badge and travel not only easily but also with safety that is really required for women in such condition. Now that you know how to get London underground baby on board badge, go get one for yourself. If someone in your friends or family needs this facility, let them know too and spread the love by sharing this post.

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