How To Apply UK Passport For The First Time

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In this world, everything needs to start from somewhere. There is always a first time in everything. Which is the reason why you want to know “how to apply UK passport for the first time” . United Kingdom is a beautiful place and people like to go there for various reasons. Some people have business related tasks while others go there to enjoy the high standard education and some also go there to spend the moments of leisure.

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How To Apply UK Passport For The First Time


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Well, the reasons can be different but we are going to solve this problem and show you exactly how to apply UK passport for the first time. We’ll talk about the documents required, where to apply and how to apply and also the money needed to get the job done. So here we go.

How To Apply UK Passport For The First Time

United Kingdom visa can only be obtained if you are 16 years or above of age and if one of the following condition is met.

If you are:

+  A British citizen
+  A British overseas territories citizen
+ A British subject
+ A British national (overseas)
+ A British protected person (list by

These are all things if you are living inside UK. But how to apply UK passport for the first time if you are outside of United Kingdom? Well, for that purpose there is a different application process that can be accessed Here .

Now you must be worried about the money that you would need to “get UK passport for the first time”. There are two different packages according to, the official government website for the United Kingdom.

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Standard 32 Page Passport = 72.50 GBP for Online application and 81.25 GBP for Post Office application.

Jumbo 48 Page Passport = 85.50 GBP for online application and 94.25 for Post Office application.

Note: It usually takes 6 weeks of time before you can get your passport.

Documents That You Will Need

There is a complex amount of information available already on the most reliable website of United Kingdom and we don’t feel the need of filling the internet with the same content again and again. You can view the required documents list here.

How to Apply

The office that you will send everything to and get passport from is called ‘Her Majesty’s Passport Office’ and that is the office where all things would be done regarding your passport. It is not possible to apply UK passport for the first time without using this office.

If you want to apply online, then you should access this form.

But in case you are willing to do it by post, you should ask for the form from some post office.

You should send your documents and filled forms to Passport Check & Send service. All the payments are made by Credit Card or Debit Card or Cheque.

We hope this article was an enjoyable piece of information for you and now you know “how to apply UK passport for the first time”. In case you want to get more from us in future, we suggest you to subscribe to our blog to get all the updates right into your inbox.

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