How To Apply to renew Blue Badge


United Kingdom Government has done a lot of great things for their people and providing the facility of Blue Badge is just one of them. We are about to show you how to apply to renew blue badge but before we do that we think it would be a great idea to actually explain a little of what a “Blue Badge” truly is because countless people still don’t know what it stands for.


How To apply to renew blue badge


Blue Badge is a special kind of card that is issued to the people who are physically or mentally disabled and have difficulty in travelling. This card allows them to park nearer to their destination as compared to the other people who can only park on the place where parking is allowed.

Blue Badge helps disabled people move from one place to the other a bit easily and also makes them a little happier. If you or your friend or some close is disabled, tell them to get Blue Badge and make their tough life a little easier. Now back to the point, lets discuss “how to apply for or renew Blue Badge” because after all that is the reason why you are here. So here we go.

Things That You Need for Apply to renew Blue Badge

  • Proof of residency
  • Digital or signed photograph
  • National Insurance Number
  • Proof of identification

How To Apply to Renew Blue Badge


If you are reading this post to know how to renew Blue Badge, you should first go and talk to your council and ask them how long before expiration date should you apply for the renewal.

  1. Go to Blue Badge Apply Online ( page.
  2. Check all the boxes that are shown to you and answer the questions with care and reality because one wrong or confused answer might take you away from getting Blue Badge.
  3. If you are applying on someone else’s behalf make sure they are sitting with you while you are applying so you can easily answer to every question asked.
  4. Once filled all the question one after another, simply submit the form and wait to hear from them.

How To Apply to renew Blue Badge

What Happens If I Don’t Get A Blue Badge?

You will most likely hear a reason why you were not considered to be eligible to get Blue Badge and if you think that rejection is unfair or injustice and you really deserve what you applied for then you can re-apply for Blue Badge.

How To Learn More About Blue Badge

We found an email address and some phone numbers that are specially for the purpose of providing you with the information that you need. Here they are.

Telephone (England): 0844 463 0213
Telephone (Scotland): 0844 463 0214
Telephone (Wales): 0844 463 0215

That is just how simple is to Apply to renew Blue Badge. But think about it for a second. This simple process can make your or someone else’s (who is disabled) life easier and little less complex. At least they wouldn’t have to worry about traveling anymore.

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