How To apply British Passport Online

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So now the time has come that you finally want to “apply British Passport Online” and write another chapter in your life by giving yourself the freedom to go and see anything in the world. It really feels awesome to have that kind of freedom in your hand and that is the reason why we have decided to do a post just to show how to buy that freedom the legal way.

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That means today we are going to show you how to apply British Passport with ease. It strongly suggested you  apply British Passport because you never know when you might be in some emergency or an opportunity might just strike and you wouldn’t want to miss it just because you don’t have your documents such as passport ready.

How To apply British Passport Online


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Hence, now is the perfectly good time to go ahead and  apply British passport because it won’t take long to get and you’ll secure your future opportunities by doing just that.

How To apply British Passport Online


  1. Open This page.
  2. That is where it all begins. Start filling your information here such as what kind of passport you are looking for.
  3. Make sure you have debit card or credit card near your hands because you are going to need it in this process.
  4. Fill your details careful and if possible re-read them to make sure there are no mistakes.
  5. Once all fields have been filled, submit the form and you are done.
  6. Now you can sit back and do other things in your life. As soon as your passport gets ready you would hear from passport office staff. They will also let you know if they want you to submit any kind of extra documents.


Never try to travel if you don’t have a passport because you would be in trouble in no time.

Other Ways To Apply British Passport

Yes, there are other ways to get it done too. You can do this by post. For this go to this page and find a post office close to you that can provide you with the application form.

Or you can also use Passport Check & Send service. Keep in mind that it would cost you 81.25 £ for 32 page passport and 54.75 for child passport and 94.25 for 48 page passport. Pick any way that best fits you. But whatever the way you pick, make sure you always submit documents accurately.

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How Long Before I Get My British Passport?

It usually takes up to 6 weeks to get your passport ready and in your hand. However in some cases it can take longer than that. Those cases are such as not having sufficient documents or staff requiring some additional documents.

And there it is. That is how easy it is to apply British passport and then get it done quickly. We hope that this post didn’t just fly over your head and you actually understood everything you read. However, if there is any single thing that you were unable to understand, you can always ask us by contacting us or by commenting right here below.

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