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Apple Is Launching Its New Pencil

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Apple just proclaims its latest 12.9 inch iPad Pro as well as it offered with a stylus. Well the stylus is Apple pencil plus this pencil has force sensitive technology, which means this pencil will draw a thin stroke just by pressing lightly. Whereas pressing it a little hard makes a thick stroke and press harder like wisely gives a heavier and darker stroke.

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This is somehow similar to Samsung’s pen. The pen works on the Samsung note phones as well as tablets. It is actually surprising because the famous Apple founder Steve Jobs once said the pen style device is something nobody would want. The late Boss Steve Jobs, co founder of the company was accountable for devices like iPhones and iPods.


This pencil device is round design wise that means it can roll off a surface with no trouble; this Apple pencil is much longer than any other styluses devices around. They say that this new invention is super fast, powerful and charge extremely fast. It will be launched after late November 2015 and of course it won’t be cheap.

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