7 Amazing Facts about London

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There are countless “amazing facts about London” and we honestly are confused about which ones to choose because they are all in fact amazing. London is, as we all know, one of the biggest and most popular city on the face of this planet at this moment and it continues to get bigger, busier and more popular with every day passing and every second counting.

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When we talk about London, most people will think of London eye or Tower of London and simply ignore the rich historical facts lying all around London. That is why we are raising the point today to talk about some of the most amazing facts about London. We will talk about today as well as the glorious past of this place. We suggest you to bear with us because it is going to be a wild ride.

7 Amazing Facts about London


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7 Amazing Facts about London

Fact # 1

Surprisingly enough and probably stupidly enough St Thomas’ Hospital had about 7 buildings. Do you know why? They were all used one different days. Different building for each day of the week just for the sake of remembering on which day the patient was admitted. As of today, only two of those buildings exist. Isn’t that ironic?

Fact # 2

Have you ever wondered what is exact center of the city London? It is a fact that it is a plaque in the Church of St Martin’s-in-the-Fields while you overlook Trafalgar Square. If you ever want to do something right in the middle of the city, that is the place where you need to be.

Fact # 3

Out of whole London its east part is the most filmed place in movies and TV shows. Why? Go ask those producers.

Fact # 4

People think of London’s Great Fire as a terrible Tragedy because 6 people were burned into it. But it killed a total of 13 people. Wait, what happened to other 7 you may ask? They tried to be over clever and jumped out of windows to save themselves and died anyway.

Fact # 5

From 1811 to 1957 London was the biggest, most populated city in entire world before Chinese started progress and Tokyo took the spot.

Fact # 6

There are countless places in this world where it is illegal to take weapons, take photos and so on. But do you know a single place where it is illegal to die? Well, it exists in London. It is illegal to die in Palace of Westminster.

Fact # 7 –  Amazing Facts about London

Red Buses were started way back in 1907. But before that all buses used to have colors specified to the road they were used to run on.

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And there they are. We tried to keep it funny and entertaining. These were some of the most amazing facts about London and as we said in the start there are a lot more out there. But if we started to talk about them we’re afraid that you’ll lose your interest quickly which is the reason why we plan on bringing them to you in future. Hopefully you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to subscribe and share the love to your closed ones.

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