Alice in Wonderland Celebrating Its 150th Anniversary




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This year Alice just turned 150 years, but still didn’t stop chasing rabbits. The writer of Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll, celebrates the 150th anniversary. Moreover, the Victorian Tea Hats showed by celebrating it this Saturday that this story is still so magical and as charismatic as ever. Patti Komar said she love dressing up and it takes you to a different world a world of fantasy and love.

Around 25 members of Victorian Tea Hat were there to celebrate on Saturday afternoon at the colony Cottage recreation center. Moreover, they also took an amazing trip to the rabbit hole as well as into Alice’s world. One of the most amazing as well as famous actor Jhonny Depp also appeared in the film version. He was playing the Mad Hatter role in 2010 movie which was directed by Tim Burton.

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