How Many Airports in London

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London is one of the busiest cities in the world and that is the reason why there are numerous “airports in London” to help the world easily come in to this great city and then leave exactly when they want to leave. London is one of those places where Government has spent money with heart and done too many things for the city. That is what United Kingdom government did when they continued to build one airport after another into this great city and today there are more than dozen active airports in London.

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Some people seem to have a lot of trouble in “finding airports in London” and that is why we are writing this post today to finish off that problem forever. Today we are going to show you how many airports in London and their locations so you can easily pick and use one that you want to.

How Many Airports In London

There are 23 big and small airports in London and they are all working. If we go on to cover each of them and provide you their details such as location, we will use a lot of space and this article will lose its charm. Hence, we are only going to talk about some of the “popular airports in London”. These are known in all of the world and all international visitors of London come from these airports in London.

The Most Popular Airports in London

Airport #1 : London Heathrow Airport

Location: London Borough of Hillingdon

Passengers In Last Year: 72,367,054

Aircraft In Last Year: 471,936

Located in a place that won’t let it expand much, Heathrow Airport is the biggest airport in all of London. It handles more traffic than any other airports in London and even the world. Hence, if you are willing to go somewhere in hurry and you don’t want your flight to be delayed even a minute than this is not the place to use. This is because they have such a gigantic system to maintain. They have countless people present at the airport at all times.

Some are leaving and some are coming while others are there to either welcome their loved ones or to say them goodbye. But that is not all. There is all time ongoing rush of flights that go and come from all around the world. Managing such a huge system is not easy and it sometimes results into complications.

That is the reason why this airport has often late flights. And honestly we cannot blame them for that because when you are helping millions of people go and come from the world, complications should be a normal part of your job.

London Heathrow Airport


Airport #2 : London Luton Airport

Location: Bedfordshire

Passengers In Last Year: 9,697,944

Aircraft In Last Year: 95,763

Being the headquarters of low cost carrier easyJet and having all the normal flights flying around, London Luton Airport manages to be the fourth most popular and crowded airport in London. Many people use it on daily basis out of which most of the people are businessmen.

London Luton Airport


Airport #3 : London City Airport

Location: Docklands

Passengers In Last Year: 3,379,753

Aircraft In Last Year: 74,006

This is one of the smallest airports in London but that simply cannot stop people from using this beautifully created facility. You can easily judge by the numbers above that it serves a big number of people and it has recently became very popular and now more and more people are trying to use this Airport which might come like a bad news to the authorities of airport as London City Airport has a very limited space and it is nearly impossible to expand it because of its location.

London City Airport


Airport #4 : Gatwick Airport –  Airports in London

Location: West Sussex, Gatwick

Passengers In Last Year: 35,444,206

Aircraft In Last Year: 250,520

There is not a single airport in London except Heathrow that has the ability to even compete against Gatwick Airport which officially makes it the strongest one after Heathrow. Gatwick is also the biggest United States flights recipient in London and almost all of the flights from there land here.

Gatwick Airport

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Airport #5 : London Southend Airport

Location: Essex

Passengers In Last Year: 969,912

Aircraft In Last Year: 29,443

Unlike many other airports in London, this one is in a perfect location and it can expanded easily. As matter of face that is exactly what has been happening there for past few years and now it is not only bigger than it was years ago but it is also better than ever with its newly built things.

Its true that it has lost a lot of people who used to travel using it but it still somehow manages to stay in the “list of best airports in London”. See the numbers above to understand what we mean.

London Southend Airport


Airport #6 : London Stansted Airport – Airports in London

Location: Essex

Passengers In Last Year: 17,852,393

Aircraft In Last Year: 146,324

Talk about having everything in plenty both in quantity and size and that is the airport that will pop up. London Stansted Airport has a lot of space to handle all the air craft that keep coming in like rain drops.

But that is not just that because it also provides its services to private agencies and many low-cost carrier jets. All of that makes it the third largest and busiest airport in London and it definitely makes it one of the best airports in London to be used for safe travelling.

London Stansted Airport

These are all of airports in London that matter the most and are currently working and honestly that are a lot more than enough for people to travel. You can go ahead and pick an airport that is most close to your current destination and make your travelling easier and smooth by going anywhere in the world at the right time.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of airports in London and if you did, kindly make sure that you share this post with your friends to let them also know about these great airports in London to be used for quality travelling. Make sure you also subscribe to this blog to get future updates.

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