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7 Things to Know before you Move to London 2018

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If you are planning to start live in the big city then there are some “things to know before you move to London 2018” or else you’ll lose more than you ever gain and suffer more than you ever enjoy. London can give you entertainment and fun of lifetime but only if you take your steps very carefully and wisely while you are in the city. This article is mainly focused on those who are living somewhere else and are planning to move to London but those who have moved to London recently will also find this piece of information quite interesting and helpful. So here we go.

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7 Things to Know before you Move to London

1 # Tough Time in Managing Money

Living in world famous city comes with a price. Everything from food to clothing and education to courses will cost you serious amount of money and you can be homeless and lose everything you have if you manage your money very carefully.

With expenses of everything touching sky it is going to be hard to manage your money while you stay in London so be very careful about it. Take a lot of it with you when you are going there and try to spend as less as possible.

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2 # Hard To Decide What To Eat

London has a wide variety of foods that you can eat. It sounds like a nice thing but it is a trouble at the same time. That is because you’ll have hard time in deciding what to eat. Or in other words it’d be nearly impossible to decide what foods are good for you and what food contains what. Hence, it is pretty easy to get sick if put wrong type of food in your belly and you need to be very careful in choices if you don’t want to pay visit to hospitals.

We would suggest you to stick only to those dishes that you already have eaten or the ones that you at least know something about such as ingredients and way to cook.

3 # Traveling Can Be Pain

Unlike many other countries in the world you can’t just get out of house and go anywhere you want without worrying about cards you are carrying because that matters a lot here in London. You have to buy travel cards for that. And it is possible that you might need to change a dozen vehicles for a relatively short distance.

In other it is straight pain in spine to go traveling and exploring in London until you get used to it. But till then try as much as possible to avoid long travels around to make sure you don’t end up doing something that you would regret later on.

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4 # Utilizing Opportunities Is Crucial

London is not run by your Mom or someone who is going to care if you fall and as a matter of fact there will always be someone waiting for you to fall so they can step on your head to make it easier for them to climb to the next ladder and take your place. Hence, don’t you ever waste your opportunities and even if they seem a little weird or something you don’t want to do it is best to utilize them to get yourself in position to do what you love to do, to live the way you love to live.

Stay strong and use whatever is thrown in front of you as a ladder to get where you really want to be. Nothing is easy in this world and this world is full of uncertainties and you never know what might be best for you.

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5 # Keep Good With All

London has a great friendly community but not all people you’ll meet will be happy to see your face. There are plenty of notorious gangs and bad guys walking around in the street without letting anyone know and you can’t recognize them. These guys don’t take it easy when you try to do stuff that offends them or directly disrespects them. So keep good with all or you might be in hot water and in more troubles than you can imagine.

In short being part of anything regarding bad guys will simply ruin your time in London and any experience you were expecting to have will only become a wish.

6 # Use Free Events To Save Money

There are plenty of events going which are free as well as paid. Quality of both type of shows is pretty much the same because those who are organizing these events in free still want to bring the best to table making things pretty interesting and enjoyable for public that visits such events.

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What we are suggesting here is that you don’t have to go to paid exhibitions, concerts and other such events as there are plenty of free ones going on and all you have to do is keep your eyes open and your ears active to know when and where there are happening and you’ll easily end up getting entertained pretty well.

7 # Don’t Trust Anyone

This tip pretty much applies to every city in every country of this world  but in case of London it has prime importance. Londoners are pretty good at acting and it’ll take you ages to learn how to differentiate a bad guy from good guys and the best you can do is just be careful about it. Don’t open up too much and keep your secrets to yourselves because  they might be used against you in near future if things get messed up with your friend or colleague or whoever holds those secrets.

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These were the things to know before you move to London and we can guarantee that if you keep these things in mind then you’ll not be facing any problems during your stay in this glorious city and enjoy what it has to offer to fullest.

Do you know someone who is also moving to London? Spread the word and let everyone else know about these precious tips too. For more subscribe to our newsletter.

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